Steam Cleaning to Maintain Your Carpet

Steam Cleaning to Maintain Carpet

Steam Cleaning, formerly equipment reserved for professionals and accessible only for rental, the carpet shampooer finds its place today at home. Highly efficient, this device works with water vapor and cleans carpets and rugs thoroughly. It is no longer necessary to wait for the big spring cleaning to maintain your interior.

Use steam for deep cleaning

At home, carpets and rugs are often overlooked in the household. Difficult to maintain, their cleaning is sometimes discouraging. However, these are the surfaces that retain the most dust, hair, and flaking, which bacteria and mites feed on. It is therefore important to offer them special and regular care. And make no mistake about it: vacuuming is not enough!

Today, steam has new uses and is increasingly being used to clean the house. Recognized for its disinfectant properties, it is found associated with many household appliances such as shampooers and professional steam cleaners. Shampooers efficiently care for fiber floors like carpets and rugs, as well as upholstery, sofa covers, and car interiors.

Very easy to use, the shampooer only requires tap water to produce water vapor and operate. You can then replace your battery of household products with a compatible stain remover that will restore shine to your textiles. Steam disinfects and cleanses in a totally natural way. In addition, the high temperature allows a radical elimination of mites.

How does a steam cleaner work?

A steam shampooer is equipped with two different tanks to separate clean water and wastewater. You pass the shampooer on your floors like a vacuum cleaner. The device will send a very high pressure and a high-temperature jet of water onto the carpet. The water will thus enter the fiber to loosen the dirt and then be sucked into the dirty water tank. You thus carry out two operations at once.

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Some devices like the Shampooer and Steam Mop come with many attachments that allow you to perform different tasks. For example, you can detach the removable unit to easily clean less accessible places such as sofas, stairs, mattresses, or car mats…

Cleaning your shampooer is child’s play since all you have to do is unhook the tanks and rinse them with water after use. You can also plan for a small cleaning with white vinegar 3 to 4 times a year to prevent the formation of scale deposits and ensure good longevity for your appliance.

Maintain floors effectively with a shampooer

In order to optimize the performance of your shampooer, remember first of all to carefully vacuum carpets, rugs, and cushion covers. Most devices play the versatility card by offering the suction function. Then make two passes over your floors. The first is in injection mode to fill the coating with water, and the second is in extraction mode to suck up wastewater and facilitate drying.

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