Signs of A Hernia

Hernia Sign

Signs of A Hernia

The majority of us imagine hernias as being a visible abdominal bulge. That’s certainly the case however, there are many other indications of a hernia, which may be completely different. Be aware and don’t dismiss these signs or think that your symptoms are not significant.

Untreated hernias are very risky. Here are 8 indications that you might have an open hernia.

The easiest to miss signs of A Hernia

Pain in the Pelvic Area

Because they don’t cause any bulge, certain hernias in women are identified as ovarian cysts, fibroids or endometriosis depending on the area of discomfort. While they can cause discomfort in the leg or back, an MRI is typically needed to detect these tiny but extremely painful hernias.

Women can also be prone to umbilical hernias close to that belly button. A hearty laughter that is accompanied by pain could be an indication of this kind of hernia.


An aching or fatigued feeling as well as weakness of the groin and upper leg could be an indication that you have a hernia.

Nausea And Vomiting

While it is not often considered to be a sign of a hernia an upset stomach could signal a serious illness known as an incarcerated uterus. In this instance, the hernia isn’t able to return to its place with a gentle push and may require urgent medical attention.


A fever that is accompanied by a hernia is not a good combination. It could indicate an “strangulated” hernia, which does not have sufficient blood flow. Contact Hernia doctor. Azhar Alam at Surgical Consultants of Kolkata immediately.

In certain conditions, pain

If you experience pain when lifting large objects, or you feel pressure in your abdomen whenever you bend your back, this could be a indication of an abdominal hernia. Other signs that are common include discomfort when you cough, or tightness or tightness in the abdominal or groin.


It is important to be aware of constipation as it could be a sign of a blockage within the large intestine, which is causing problems with digestion. It may also be difficult to get gas out.


There are many things that can cause heartburn, however an abdominal hernia is one of the causes. Hiatal hernias in the abdomen’s upper part can trigger the sensation of heartburn with chest discomfort. It permits stomach acid to be absorbed into the esophagus and cause inflammation, which is similar to heartburn.

Feeling full and happy

An inguinal hernia may cause a person to feel that they ate a huge meal but in reality they didn’t. This type of hernia could also cause you feel uncomfortable and have discomfort in your groin and lower abdomen.

A few of these easy to miss warning signs of a hernia could be deadly if not addressed. Consult the doctor Dr. Azhar Alam at Surgical Consultants of Kolkata in Reston VA if you suspect that you might have an hernia.

Hernia Treatment

Many people suffering from hernias might be asking whether they are required surgery to treat it.

Surgery is usually the best option and many experts consider that it is best not to delay undergoing hernia surgery. Even if it isn’t seeing any pain or any other issues the hernia that is small could grow larger. If you’re physically active and often be on the move, your hernia could grow more quickly, leading to a more difficult repair procedure.

Small hernias are less difficult to fix than large ones, and the possibility of the recurrence (and needing to undergo another procedure) is increased when the size of the hernia increases.

In many cases, surgeons have to complete more complicated tasks using the hernia once it is bigger, therefore cutting the hernia in its bud while it’s small could be one of the best methods for you to get back to your regular life.

The Treatment of A Hernia

If you’re experiencing a hernia and want to limit its size until surgery is performed is done, you should be aware of the things that could cause it to expand. Avoid situations that cause you to cough and stay away from any activities that cause pressure in your abdomen, like pulling, pushing or lifting heavy objects.

Sit-ups and crunches can dramatically raise the pressure inside your stomach. However, jumping and running up and down stairs at a fast pace are other activities that have been shown to increase pressure inside the abdominal cavity.

Sneezing, laughing and laughing can raise pressure. Any of them could cause the hernia to become bigger.

Hernia Surgery

In rare instances it is possible that if you wait too long to undergo surgical intervention, the pocket that contains the intestine could get stuck (or imprisoned) which can result in strangulation of blood supply to the bowel of the bowel, which could cause the bowel or intestinal tract to suffer.

If you are experiencing any indication of a hernia need to plan a consultation with a surgeon as soon as possible to avoid any complications and issues with your digestive system.

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