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Barter trade was the first type of retail shopping by humans globally if we look through history. There is evidence that people used a lot of different ways to keep the items for trade in such a way that they are able to be traded with the full outcome. People used to exchange things mutually based on demand and supply. As time passed the money was introduces into the financial system, and the barter trade turned into the trade with the liberty to buy the goods of choice without the exchange of goods. This is how the retail industry emerged on the face of shopping and trade.

Every human being on earth is a consumer. We shop the items and commodities of our needs every day. The demand and supply of the goods have grown rapidly with the population globally. There are now a number of ways people buy all type of consuming items not only in local stores but online as well. The biggest challenge ever since is to reach out to the consumers and deliver these items in a very safe and secure manner that the sold item does not suffer its quality. 

Reaching out to the consumers in a secure and efficient way is very demanding in the retail shopping industry. The retail shopping industry largely depends upon the commodities to be sold and send to the customers has the huge demand for the packaging of the sold items in such a manner that they are not only safe but also delivered without any breakage or leakage. This has given birth to a novel solution in the shape of retail box packaging, which has the promise to take care of the items packed in it.

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The material used in manufacturing

The retail boxes are manufactured largely with the material from wood. The wood is crushed into very small chunks then mixed with water and other chemicals. This solution is then contaminated into blocks, and the water and other fluids are set to be vaporized. Then the leftover is the basic block of cardboard. This cardboard is cut down to bigger sheets of different shapes and sizes according to the demand. These sheets are further folded into different box-like shapes to make the retail packaging boxes. The most common shape of these boxes is rectangular but can be folded into other shapes easily. The size and shape largely depend on the item to be presented in it. 

The most common color of these boxes is a dull greenish or brownish-yellow colour. There are a number of options available now as  retail box is now produced all over to make it distinguishable as per items by means of colour shape and size. There are a number of manufacturers producing cardboard and retail packaging boxes on a large scale to meets the needs of wholesale, retail boxes for common retail, industrial usage. These retail boxes are available without any labels and printed information. Different labels can be used for the distinction of the boxes. 

Uses of retail boxes

Most of the well-renowned companies associated with the retail industry are also now using custom printed retail boxes. There is the number of options available now to facilitate the different customers to print the names and logos on the retail packaging boxes like retail Boxes Australia, retail Boxes Melbourne, retail Boxes Sydney to help the promotion of the retail items easily and efficiently.

With the growth of the retail industry globally, there is a huge demand for the Customize retail Boxes as all the retail suppliers are mainly dependent on these retail packaging boxes to send the items safely to the customers in every corner of the world. A number of retail suppliers use special designs and shapes of the retail packaging boxes to introduce and maintain the unique identity. Almost every type of item from personal to household, from grocery to fresh food, from tools to clothes and shoes though all are supplied in these boxes. So there is never a shortage of demand for these boxes.

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All the information is provided in the labels or printed on the boxes according to the packed item. There is some essential list of details which are must for different items supplied globally. As per international laws the item type, the material used, size and shape expiry date, manufacture date etc. are the essential information that is must be printed on these boxes. As the retail packaging boxes are mainly produced with the material based on cardboards so these can be recycled very easily. Some new materials are also tested to make sure that if these boxes are not recycled then can easily be decomposed to the soil.

Future of these boxes

There is a huge potential in the manufacturing of these boxes. New materials now introduce in the manufacturing of these boxes. New methods are applied for the development of such material which can be easy to produce, folded and used for different purposes. For instance, there are retail boxes available specially designed for the supply of food items like fresh fruits and vegetables. These boxes are designed with the special polythene materials to keep the long-lasting freshness. Some boxes are available with the option of special cardboard with the zigzag sheets inside the boxes in order to make them harder to de shape. Retail packaging boxes have revolutionized the way things can be packed and sent to the consumers, and there is no end to their use and substitute. 

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