Piles In Men Vs. Piles In Women

Piles In Men Vs. Piles In Women

Piles or Hemorrhoids are veins that have a tendency to swell in the anus, or around the opening of the anal. Because of poor eating habits and sitting for extended hours, the condition is prevalent in the majority of people nowadays. The problem of piles has been present in many individuals for years. But the cases of patients, women, men, and children are increasing dramatically in the last few years. Consult with the Best Piles Doctor in Kolkata.

The causes of women’s piles

There have been numerous instances of women suffering from piles of skin after and during their birth or pregnancy. In the course of pregnancy, the protruding belly of a baby for a few weeks places lots of pressure on blood vessels in the pelvic and lower back region. Additionally, during the time of childbirth, there’s plenty of straining to get the baby out. This causes tension on blood vessels in the pelvic and anal region which can cause anal illnesses which are usually accumulations.

The causes of men’s piles

The men who suffer from piles could be the result of many causes. Many men suffer from piles when they work out with large weights at the gym. The veins around the pelvic and anal region can swell due to continuous strain or veins. Many men tend to spend more time sitting on the toilet, which could also cause piles.

Pile types

There are two kinds of piles. The first is the external one that can easily be identified. They are usually found beneath the skin’s thin layer around the anus and around the opening in the anal. They also can bulge out and form a small solid bulge-like cluster that can be itchy, swollen, and painful. They may be able to bleed.

The other kind of piles is the internal piles. They typically occur around the lower portion of the large intestines and aren’t so painful. The swelling could cause bleeding too. The blood can escape from the anus through stool. These piles may cause pain during and after stool. It is advised to seek Piles treatment in Kolkata promptly. Do not sit for long periods of time. Keep active and drink plenty of water. These are some ways to reduce the risk of piles.

The signs of Piles in males as well as females

The signs of piles are fairly obvious. But the majority of people aren’t aware of the signs of piles and are unable to recognize that they are suffering from piles. If they are not detected for long periods of time, could result in serious anal ailments like cancer. Here are some indications of piles. Be sure to recognize that you have piles when you notice these signs.

Inflammation and pain in the anus and toward the opening in the anterior. It is due to constricted veins.

The stool is red with blood and suffering from unbearable pain when stool movements.

Swelling is caused by swelling of lymphatic vessels surrounding the anus. Itchy skin.

Treatment for Piles

The treatment for piles is the same for both women and men. Prior to this, the patient needed to undergo an open procedure that was painful. However, now you can undergo painful free treatment for piles using lasers. The treatment of piles with lasers is an efficient and modern method of treatment. It is completely effortless and free. The patient is able to eat normally and continue with his normal routine within a couple of hours after the procedure.

Post-pregnancy piles treatment

Sometimes, the piles that develop after pregnancy disappear by themselves as the hormones become stabilized, blood volume rises and pressure decreases. Some women opt for laser surgery to get relief and faster recovery from pimples.  treats piles for both women and men with tiny invasive procedures that leave no cuts or wounds. The procedure can take between 30 and 40 minutes while under general anesthesia. The risk of bleeding is much lower than other conventional procedures. Post-surgery complications are very uncommon. So, make sure you consult with the top surgeon for the treatment of piles for females and males by surgical lasers. Know more details of this site.

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