Pilates Has Some Great Benefits For Pregnant Women

Pilates Tulse Hill

Being pregnant is not a sickness. There is no reason for women to do nothing for 9 months, in fact, the opposite is true, it is healthier for you and the baby to get regular exercise still. Unless there is a medical reason that your doctor is monitoring you for and has advised you to take it easy or to stay in bed then you can do a lot. Maybe you might want to delay your marathon training for now but other activities are fine, something like Pilates, Brixton or where you are is a good option. It helps strengthen your core muscles it is good for before, during and after pregnancy and it can be adjusted as the baby grows and your body changes. Here is a closer look at what Pilates has to offer.

Exploring the benefits of Pilates when pregnant

  1. Finding a great place for pilates, Tulse Hill is not just good for you physically and for the baby, it is also good for your emotional and mental well-being. Regualr exercise keeps you more positive about the changes you are experiencing and helps manage the stress of becoming a parent soon.
  2. It can be changed to all stages of pregnancy, even into your 8th or 9th month.
  3. Part of Pilates is learning breathing techniques. Learning how to control and focus your breathing is very beneficial in preparing you for the process of giving birth.
  4. Another thing Pilates does well is help strengthen core muscles. Often pregnant women suffer from backache but with Pilates Brixton, helping you strengthen muscles that support the back, this can help relieve and prevent further pain.
  5. The obvious thing pregnant women can take advantage of with regular exercise is controlling weight gain. It also means that when you have given birth it is a little easier to regain your former shape and easier to get back to regular exercise efforts.

Listen to your body

It is very important while pregnant that you look after yourself and you listen to your body and your doctor and your Pilates trainer. Be sure to eat a healthy diet that keeps you well-nourished, track how your body feels and make sure if you are tired or not 100% that you stop. Follow your doctor’s advice and listen to your trainer when they tell you how to adjust certain exercises.

Is it ok to do Pilates when pregnant if you have never done it before?

It is perfectly fine for you to do even if you are new to it but it would be best to go to a class designed for pregnant women, run by trainers who have experience with offering classes for pregnant women. When you want to do Pilates Tulse Hill or closer to you, it is a great chance not just to feel better physically but also to meet other pregnant women and talk about similar experiences while you enjoy all the other benefits.

Bio – Piccolo Pilates brings Pilates classes designed by Georgie Morrow to the Brixton, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill area in South London. Designed to build your strength, enhance your movement and connect you to your body. Currently focusing on pre and post natal classes but more classes coming soon. Pregnancy evening class run at The Effra space in Brixton on a Monday night. Mum and Baby Pilates run at The Yellow Qube in Tulse Hill on Wednesday Mornings. Post Natal Pilates run at The Carnegie Library in Herne Hill on Tuesday evenings.

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