Non Feminized Hemp Seeds for Sale at Wholesale Rate in Colorado

Non Feminized Hemp Seeds

Our proprietary hemp strain, Abacus, is Northern Californian with roots 9+ years deep, and it’s the perfect choice for someone who wants to harvest more plants with a high flower yield. Abacus produces a bounty of terpenes and has a smooth, delicious flavor. The flower is used to make smoke and the oil extremely tasty and ideal for creating any kind of food. An extremely vigorous plant, it can endure the early spring plantings and snow. It thrives through bindweed and is a great choice for any soil conditions and even in areas with little or no amendment to the soil. The late season frost can result in a large number of trichromes as well as striking deep violet color.

Hemp Seeds for CBD

We are renowned for our Non-Feminized Hemp Seeds as well as the superior yields produced by our varieties and the consistent harvest when properly grown. We are committed to the highest standards which means that we harness the potential of genetics and utilize the most efficient and advanced technology to produce pure and clean non-feminized seeds.

Non-Feminized Seeds Standards

When you begin your hemp farm following the issuance of your hemp cultivator’s license, purchasing and selecting seeds follows next for those who are hemp growers. you may require Non Female Hemp Seeds. We collaborate with manufacturers and farmers to discuss their hemp objectives. We also assist them in selecting the appropriate hemp seed for their business.

Colorado Breeders Depot Details

If you’re searching for the best hemp seeds, Colorado Breeders Depot’s are experts in this field by offering our cherry Non Feminized Hemp Seeds. These are classified as our wholesale non feminized seeds, which were harvested by to the farm during harvest and also.

Cherry Hemp Seeds Non Feminized

We offer Cherry non-feminized hemp seeds are a cross of Cherry (She-Male) and Cherry Wine (Female) This particular variety was developed to maximize flowering and cannabinoids of the potential for higher yields of Cherry.

Stormy D Hemp Seeds Non Feminized

Stormy Daniels Non Feminized Hemp Seed is an interspersed hybrid of Cherry Blossom and T1 Trump Hemp Seed strain. The Colorado origin strain was cultivated within the San Luis Valley by some of the most successful outdoor farmers on the market.

T1 Trump Hemp Seeds Non Feminized

This T1 Trump Hemp Non-Feminized Seeds is an intermix of the Wife (Male) and Afghan Skunk (Female). Afghan Skunk strain, a result of Pure indica, Afghani, and super stable Skunk genetics.

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Non Feminized Hemp Seeds from Colorado Breeders Depot

As a wholesale company, Colorado Breeders Depot offers only the very best in quality, reputation and service. Our non-feminized, top-shelf hemp seeds are sourced from a select number of growers worldwide. All hemp seeds are tested for purity and germination before being packaged for shipment to you.

Our own hemp strain, Abacus, originates from Northern California and has roots dating back over a decade. It’s ideal for those looking to harvest more plants with a high flower yield. Abacus has a smooth, sweet flavour and produces a lot of terpenes. The flower is used to generate smoke and the oil is incredibly good and can be used to prepare a variety of dishes. It is a hardy plant that can withstand early spring plantings as well as snow. It thrives on bindweed and is an excellent choice for any soil type, including regions with little or no soil amendment. Late-season frost can produce a lot of trichromes as well as a dramatic deep violet colour.

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