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A critical essay is just like academic writing. The main purpose of a critical essay is to evaluate a particular issue. In academic writing, you have to make a claim. Then you add evidence in support of the claim. And at the end, you have to come up with a logical and realistic conclusion. The same features of academic writing are addressed in critical essays. In critical essay, you have to do a detailed discussion about different aspects. Without any biasness, you have to analyse the issue.

Major Aspects of Critical Essay

If you want to write a critical essay, you must understand its different aspects. First, you need to make a clear difference between an essay and a critical essay. In the essay, there is no need to support your claim. The essay is more about the general discussion. While in critical essay, you have to focus on the main purpose. For example, ‘Anny stole jewellery from the locker, she should not do that. It is just a raw discussion. But if you take the same scenario, you have to add why it is bad. Like, it is again moral values. And you have to add evidence of what can be the consequences of stealing anything. You can add some laws and acts related to this issue. Now you can see how a simple discussion varies from critical one (Friedman 2010).

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Steps to Write a Critical Essay

While writing a critical essay, you have to consider many points. Like introduction, structuring and conclusion of the essay. In these three portions, you to ensure topic sentence and evidence. Let’s discuss these steps in detail.

Essay Statement

An essay statement is just like a thesis statement. In simple words, you can take it as the central claim of the essay. It comes under the pre-planning of essay writing. You have to understand and finalise what you need to discuss in it. This claim or statement works as a foundation for critical essay. You rely on this statement. And based on it, you collect relevant evidence (Ng 2017).

Introduction of Critical Essay

In a critical essay, the wording and sense of introduction matter a lot. It should be engaging. For this, you can use some effective rhetorical questions. Such questions make your introduction an interesting one. If you do not find the suitable rhetorical question, you can use other effective statements. It can be in the form of a famous quotation. After that, you have to ensure a basic detail of your title. Also, use the name of the author and publisher. Address your claim in your essay.

Topic Sentence and Evidence

Each paragraph in your critical essay must have a topic sentence. In the same way, you have to ensure the use of evidence with each claim. There are two ways of adding evidence. The first one is the primary and the second one is secondary evidence. In a critical essay, the use of secondary evidence is more.

Satisfy Reader by Conclusion

For the best conclusion, add an essay statement once again. Recall the major pieces of evidence and add something logical as well as memorable at the end. Writers mostly find issues in concluding the critical essay. Wherever you find the issue, you can get help from online cheap dissertation writing services.

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