Male Infertility Problem and Best Sexologist in Delhi Treatment


Some of the most common symptoms of male infertility include loss of libido, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. A healthcare provider can diagnose and treat these conditions by performing a sexology test on both partners. The Best Sexologist in Delhi will also examine the condition of sperm and semen and provide treatment for the individual.

If a male infertility problem is present, a Sexologist Doctor Faridabad can prescribe a treatment plan to help the couple conceive. The sexologist can also suggest procedures that can help the couple conceive. If a female partner is experiencing infertility, a sexologist can evaluate her and determine if treatment would be appropriate. There are several treatments for male infertility, including assisted reproductive technology (ART), natural ejaculation, sperm donation, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Treatments for male infertility can be tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Infertile men should see a sexologist or urologist for a consultation. First, a sexologist will perform a physical examination and order semen analysis. The sperm’s shape and motility are important factors in getting pregnant. A sexologist will conduct multiple sex tests to ensure no major problems.

A Test for Male Infertility Treatment 

Dr. Inderjeet Singh Gautam for Male Infertility in India was established to change the face of men’s sexual health in the country. At the clinic, patients can receive advanced testing and treatment for male infertility.

During your first visit to the Sexologist doctor, he will ask you to bring along your wife’s or partner’s medical history. This is to ensure that he understands the full medical history of both partners. You may also be advised to get a DNA test and a full sperm analysis if you are a man. If you don’t have an abnormal amount of testosterone, it may mean that you are infertile. The doctor can also conduct genetic testing to determine whether or not you are fertile.

The next step is a blood test. This is necessary because your sperm count can fluctuate from one sample to another. Your doctor will use a needle to take tissue from your scrotum to check for abnormalities in the genetic material. If your doctor finds a problem, he will then order a genetic test to identify the cause of the problem. By using this method, the Sexologist Doctor will be able to rule out other conditions and shorten the diagnostic process.

Your male infertility doctor will want to obtain copies of your wife’s and partner’s medical records. He will also want to get detailed information about your medical history and how long you’ve been trying to conceive. Depending on the results, your doctor may recommend a couple of treatments and determine what’s best for your particular situation. A test for male infertility treatment and Sexologist doctors and the female partners’ medical histories will be required.

 Few basic tests required

A semen analysis is a basic test. Your doctor will analyze the semen to see if there’s a problem with the sperm. Usually, the best results come two to five days after your last ejaculation. The doctor may also do genetic tests on both you and your partner in some cases. While these tests are not routine, they are essential to ensure that your body functions properly.

A sexologist will discuss the results of these tests and the potential treatment options for male infertility. The test may involve the analysis of sperm and hormone levels. This is the best time to get these results two to five days after your last ejaculation. Some providers will also perform a blood test to check sperm count. A semen analysis will conduct to find out the number of sperms in the semen and the quality of the sperm.

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