Learning Quran is no more difficult in this fast-growing era. Quran is the Holy book of Muslims. Every Muslim has to learn it as it is a noble deed. Even non-Muslims also used to read it and take knowledge from it as it is considered the best guiding book. This Holy book contains guidance according to the Sunnah and the ways mentioned by Almighty Allah. Quran teaches us the way of living life. What is false, and what is good? It tells us to distinguish between right and wrong. Some people learn it privately by hiring a home tutor, and some know it online. There’s no age limit to learning the Quran; all you need is just a desire to learn it. Learning Quran in your comfort zone is usually seems favorable for some people. 

All you need to know about the Online Quran Classes for kids.

Cost to Learn Quran Online: 

The cost varies from where you are learning Quran. There are many websites and apps which teach Quran. These apps also teach us pronunciation, translation, and explanation of surah. Apps and websites are best for adults and young ones. Hiring a tutor for kids is preferable. If you live in a locality where finding an Islamic tutor is difficult or non-availability of a good tutor, then hiring a tutor online is considered the best option rather than sitting like wanderers searching for a tutor for physical teaching. You may take online classes on zoom or skype. 

It depends on the website or a tutor and how much they charge when it comes to cost. Usually, teachers charge 3$ to 5$ for an hour. If you’re hiring an experienced tutor, definitely they demand more. Furthermore, teaching only one person at a particular time costs more. Look around you if someone else is also willing to take online classes, contact them and ask them to join you; due to this, you could get a concession on your cost. You may get Hafiz e Quran as a tutor for 40$ approx. Well, the price depends upon the duration of teaching as well. Hiring an online tutor gives you positive effects, and the tutor will give full attention too. You just want a fine internet connection for learning online. This results in saving your or your tutor’s traveling time. 

If you’re looking for apps for teaching, you may get the majority of the apps teaching free, like Islam 360. Reading the Quran and understanding it is what all Muslims have been ordered to do. Some apps demand subscription; their rates vary between 10$ to 15$. These subscriptions have variations like subscriptions for a year or a month. 


There are some factors on which cost depends upon: 

  •  Quantity of lectures. 
  •  Duration of courses. 
  •  The subscription every month costs less than the yearly basis, which costs more.
  •  Types of courses. 
  •  Single tutor for a single person possesses different prices. 


According to Hazrat Ali (R.A); 

“Knowledge is a life and a cure.”

There is no book better than Quran. Just read it and find out the treasure hidden behind every single word. A life full of knowledge is a gift from Almighty Allah. Gain and utilize knowledge written in Quran by any means, either through online classes or physical means. Firstly, determine your budget and hire according to it. If you are not capable of it, then go for free websites. There is a 1.9 billion Muslim population according to 2020, in these Arabs generally are capable of reading and understanding Quran. However, the majority of the non-Arabs can only read, and some understand what is written in it. So online Quran classes are the best way for them to understand Quran through its Tafseer. 

“The best among you (Muslims)are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

Select a pocket-friendly way to you, and this will make you outshine among others.

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