Knobs and Handles For Kitchen Doors How to Choose?

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The choice of kitchen cupboard handles doors and drawers are one of the last steps in the design of a kitchen. These, in addition to fulfilling an obvious function that of opening doors and drawers, play an important role in the final appearance.

There are many people who overlook the game that handles and knobs can give. On the one hand, they help define the style of the kitchen: rustic, modern, minimalist. On the other hand, they can serve as an accent or contrast in designs where an element that attracts attention is sought.

Choosing a handle according to the style of the kitchen

We have already decided the style that our kitchen will have, or already has, and we want to delve into it. Kitchen door knobs and handles can help us in this task if we do it correctly. They could even make the difference between one style and another.

It must be said that a bad decision has greater consequences than it may seem. Take for example a rustic kitchen with long silver handles with a glossy finish. This is a combination that “hurts” just thinking about it.

It is recommended that the new handles combine textures, and even shapes, with other elements, for example with taps, lamps, electrical appliances…

Classic or traditional kitchens

Ceramic and glass are two of the most used materials for kitchen cupboard handles and knobs in kitchens with a traditional style. These offer an interesting contrast with wooden doors and drawers. It is also common that in this style more knobs are used than handles.

In classic kitchens it is common for doors, drawers and other elements to have all kinds of ornaments, moldings, profiles, etc. In these scenarios you can use handles that combine various materials, ceramic and metal, wood and metal. Shell handles are also common.

In classic kitchens where the furniture does not have the shades of wood, it is usual to resort to metal handles without complex textures: silver, gold.

Handles for rustic kitchens

In rustic kitchens wood predominates, in fact this is one of the essences of the style. It is used for the manufacture of many components and handles and knobs are no exception.

In addition to wood, metals with an aged appearance and the most diverse designs, shapes and drawings are used. As for finishes, we can find them in copper, bronze, brass, oxides, forged or even painted black.

Modern kitchens

Within modern kitchen designs it is common to resort to long kitchen cupboard handles. It has to do with the fact that drawers are used more than doors in this style in base units. In tall furniture it is more likely to find knobs.

Another relevant trend in modern kitchens is recessed handles.

As for the design, metals and straight lines predominate. It should not be forgotten that kitchen designs in recent years have been largely influenced by a minimalist current, although without reaching this extreme.

Minimalist Kitchens

The minimalist style is based on leaving the essential, not, as many people believe, simply eliminating things. According to this principle, shooters are reduced to the minimum expression. Straight lines, monochrome and functionality.

In this type of kitchen, the disappearance of the classic kitchen cupboard handles is also common. This is replaced by push systems, gola (aluminum profiles) and recesses or fingernails made in the door.

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