Is Recurrent Fistula Curable?

Is Recurrent Fistula Curable

The fistula occurs when an organ is damaged or inflamed. It is described as an abnormal connection between affected glands in the anus as well as the perianal skin.

It could cause pain in the region of the anterior and can also cause swelling. Fistulas are prone to be recurring and are only treated surgically. Patients may experience fistula recurrence the following fistulotomy. It is believed that the recurrence rate ranges from around 7 to 21%, with the majority dependent on the type of fistula and the procedure used to treat the fistula. Consult with the best Fistula Doctor in Kolkata.

What triggers recurrence is Fistula?

The fistula may recur after surgery if complications follow:

Infection The procedure of open surgery is associated with the chance of developing an infection. If the fistula isn’t completely eliminated – for instance, due to having the surgery performed in different stages, an infection within the tract of the fistula can be spread to other areas in the body.

Incontinence In some cases, open surgeries can cause harm to the muscles that make up the anal sphincter (the muscles that shut and open the body’s anus). If your muscles are injured they may cause you to lose control over your bowels which can lead to fecal incontinence.

If there is a recurrence of fistula after fistulectomy seek out a healthcare professional. It could be a serious issue. If you observe anything that is odd, consult your Fistula Specialist in Kolkata.

Is recurrent fistula curable?

It is evident that people are often afraid of surgery and choose alternative treatment options. Laser therapy is a modern treatment option that is a minimally invasive process that gives superior outcomes. It utilizes laser energy to block abnormal pathways in fistulas and kills the inner cells that line the tract of the fistula.

Laser therapy helps to reduce the growth that is abnormal by limiting blood flow to the area, thereby making it impossible for fistulas to recur. Laser treatment is a less-invasive procedure that lasts no longer than 30 minutes for the course of treatment.

Fistula-related problems can be totally eliminated through laser procedures. There are many advantages to laser therapy for anal fistula are:

It is a cause of minimal or no pain that is not severe to negligible. Local anesthesia can be utilized by the surgeon in order to minimize any possibility of pain.

The speed of recovery is rapid which allows the patient to return to their daily routines as soon as possible following treatment.

  • The most beautiful cosmetic treatment available.
  • Very low risk of harm without bleeding.
  • The procedure is fast and can be completed in 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The risk and potential complications that can occur after the procedure are minimal.

To prevent recurrence of the fistula following surgery, it is important to regularly check in with your physician. The following care is equally crucial. Before you undergo surgery ensure that you select an experienced and skilled surgeon to perform your procedure.

There are open surgeries offered to treat the Anal Fistula but they require stitches and cuts and the chance of infection is greater which could result in the raising of the fistula problem once more.

Open Anal Fistula Surgery may cause complications and blood loss after surgery. This is the reason why patients prefer laser Anal Fistula Treatment due to the recent methods and their amazing USPs. Please follow this blog for more updates.

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