Is It Worth It to Go the Digital Route with Your Customized Boxes Printing?


By using an inkjet or laser solution, digital images can be printed directly on a substrate. Because on-demand printing does not use printing plates, it is more time-efficient than other methods.

The digital printing market segment continues to grow at an impressive 13% per year, making it the fastest-expanding segment of the printing business. The printing process is ideal for customized boxes – whether with a logo, a specific color scheme or text.

In general, digital printing doesn’t require tooling or dies, which is one of the biggest differences between it and other print methods. Printing on cardboard packaging material is accomplished with digital printing. No die cuts or printing plates are needed. This technique is best for small quantities (between 100 and 500 boxes). Printing digitally has the following advantages over lithography and flexography:

  • Digital printing can also be used to customized boxes marketing materials such as packaging, business cards, direct marketing pieces, letters, and other mailing materials.
  • The turnaround time for products printed on digital boxes is faster because there are fewer steps. Digital printing is the best choice when time is tight and you need your printed products quickly.
  • In terms of quality and consistency, digital custom printing outperforms other printing methods. It does not produce sharp lines. There are bright and consistent colors. The print quality remains the same throughout the batch as it gets further down the list. Traditional print methods do not always require such attention to detail, and require far more time and resources.
  • Intricate designs and pictures are easily represented on custom cardboard boxes thanks to their brilliant, photorealistic images produced by a digital printer.
  • A wide range of substrates can be printed on with digital printing technology, which provides greater flexibility and accessibility when compared with analog equipment.

Do you know why you should print on customized boxes in litho?

With lithography, you get images that are clear, smooth, and high-resolution. Bulk printing is a great option for high-volume orders because it is very cost-effective. The design can also accommodate up to six different colors, so it is suitable for intricate designs. Unlike metal plates used in most direct-to-surface methods, its rubber blanket is flexible and can conform to a wider range of materials. Whether you need large quantities or vibrant colors and want a print solution that will produce magazine quality results, litho printing will meet your needs.

The absence of impressions is another advantage of lithographic printing. Many companies prefer the feel of impressions made by ink printing – although this is a matter of personal preference. Other companies consider using printing to distract from their brand’s message. Printed items can also become thicker after being impressed, affecting transportation and storage. The good thing about litho printing is that you don’t have to worry about impressions. With digital printing, you don’t have to worry about impressions either.

Do you know why you should print cardboard boxes in Flexo?

Packaging plays a big role in promoting your brand because of advancements in printing technology and brand competition. In order to convey a message to their customers on their standard mailers and ecommerce boxes, companies are turning to flexography. When high volumes of packaging and labels are needed, flexo printing on boxes is a popular choice.

Is flexo printing right for you? Your goals and priorities will determine whether you choose flexo printing or not. Flexography’s prices are one of its biggest advantages. Printing on a wide range of surfaces is also an advantage thanks to its versatility. Moreover, flexo makes sense if you plan on printing the same image repeatedly while maintaining consistency. For printing large-scale patterns like wallpaper or gift wrapping, its large-scale printing capabilities are ideal.

A note of caution: flexo printing is not appropriate for printing images with high-resolution. Printing your design lithographically or digitally is recommended if it includes intricate patterns or photographs. In contrast, flexographic printing is a good option if your product boxes are simple.

Customize Your Shipment Boxes Today with custom cardboard packaging

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