iPhone X Case & Tempered Glass – This is the perfect combination


Who does not know it? You have bought a new iPhone X and now you are of course looking for good protection, because the good piece costs over 1000€. Unfortunately, there are a few problems to solve when it comes to finding the best combination of case and tempered glass.

Since we have already tested many iPhone X cases and iPhone X bulletproof glasses, we can present you with the best combination that will give you perfect protection for your new iPhone. But first we’ll go into the problems that you have when buying the two things.

Problems with current iPhone X cases

  1. The case is not a hard case
  2. The case is open at the bottom
  3. The case has no inner protection and the back of the iPhone X is scratched
  4. The case looks good in the pictures, in reality it is rather cheap

Problems with current iPhone X bulletproof glasses

  1. The glass does not cover the entire front
  2. The glass is not curved on the sides
  3. The glass is pushed back up by the case on the sides
  4. The glass stands out way too much and destroys the design of the iPhone X

Everyone knows one or even all of these problems. Now comes the perfect solution to this problem

Otofly solves all of the above problems. The solution is simple and yet stylish like the iPhone X, protects 100% and is not noticeable. And now we’ll show you the advantages you have with Otofly case.

Hard case protection

The Otofly iphone case used here is a hard case, but not made of hard plastic or other not-so-nice materials as you would normally expect. This case is velvety soft on the outside made of a silicone/gel mixture, just like the original Apple case. So if your iPhone X falls, the impact is absorbed by the case and does not go directly to the iPhone like cheap cases and destroy hardware.

All-round protection

This is the only case of this excellent quality that is closed at the bottom near the speakers. So it doesn’t matter how the iPhone X hits the ground, it’s protected. You even have additional protection for the display, because the cover extends approx. 2mm over the display and therefore the display cannot touch the ground in the event of a fall.

Interior protection

The last ingenious feature is the inner protection. Even if a grain of dust or sand should get between the case and the iPhone, it will be held by the velvety inside until you get it out. With all other cases, such a granule acts like sandpaper between the iPhone and the case. Anyone who has ever wondered why the back is scratched despite the case, this is how it happens.

The camera cut-out was also worked very precisely here, so that such grains have no chance of getting between the case and the iPhone. By the way, this is how you recognize high-quality cases.

Simple but high-quality design

There are cases that are supposed to protect very well, such as the cases from the manufacturer Spigen. They also protect well, but they don’t really look good and afterwards the iPhone looks like a brick in the hand. Unfortunately, such cases usually go quite far beyond the display and thus you have the problem that the case pushes up the curved armored glass on the sides again. You then have to take a small bulletproof glass again, which doesn’t look good and doesn’t protect the edges of the front.

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