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It’s not too long ago that we got cell phones and got excited because ringtones can be changed from a single beep to three long beeps. At the time it was thought to be really high tech and we were all very impressed. Those days are long gone. Now you can get any song or sound you want as a ringtone. We’re not talking about phones being the same now, we’re talking about iPhones and iPhone ringtones.

The iPhone first appeared in January 2007 and became even more popular. This is a beautiful technology with no buttons and only a touch sensitive screen. It can provide you with a great deal of information in a matter of seconds, including a camera, MP3 player, visual voicemail, and technologically amazing gadgets. Such a gadget is incredibly useful for work and is great for keeping in touch with your friends, listening to music and giving you internet access. If you get a call or an SMS beeping, it’s not okay, is it? So, iPhone ringtones are an important part of life!

As an important part of our technology-filled lives, it is also worth noting that you now have access to over half a million ringtones on personal websites. This is the number of unimaginable sounds and songs ready to download to your phone. Many of these ringtones are free, but some companies charge a fee, so be careful. Minimizing the choice of iPhone ringtones to the ones you like takes a long time, and make the right decision about what you should hear when someone calls you!

There are many companies that specialize in iPhone ringtones and these are almost all internet based. One thing you need to be a little more careful about is that the company does not chase you after you have unknowingly subscribed. Sometimes you can subscribe for free and then advertise their services and goods and find out that you are constantly receiving messages. If you try to stop these messages hz generator, you may find that you are being charged a cancellation fee. Sometimes these are too heavy and there have been several complaints cases against such companies. Always read the small print before posting any of your details on the internet.

If you are sure you are dealing with a reputed company, you can choose your iPhone ringtones. These ringtones can be changed regularly so that you can always have your favorite song or sound. The quality of the music in these tiny little units is so high that you will be amazed at the tones available. However, I hope you do not faint when you hear the ringtone and actually answer your phone!

Affiliate Marketing – My Ring Tone Experience

Once I started selling ring-tone and gospel ringtones online. My ringtones are actually customizable. I recorded popular Christian hymns and personally exploited them, converting them to MP3 formats, which transformed me into monophonic and polyphonic ringtones. I uploaded these tones on the website, downloaded them and set up the procedure to start marketing. I bought a banner space on a Christian radio website and within a few days I started getting traffic! I managed to sell several tones before the ad campaign ended.

The first issue that was noticed was the ‘non-delivery ringtones’. Some of the subscribers would buy up to five or six ringtones and only one or two would be delivered to their phones, and I only got paid for what was delivered. I called the ringtone company about this, trust them, they blamed the subscribers. The second problem was completely unrelated to the first. I thought my ROI was not good at all. It was actually a negative integer.

I came up with a solution to that problem and I will not reduce my advertising costs but I will have more affiliate links on the site. It was close to Christmas 2005, so I decided to include affiliate links to sites that sell Christmas presents. I started a PPC (each clip) campaign. Yes, it did. I reckon those extra affiliate links are also because I did not increase the bandwidth to cope with the site to deal with the extra traffic coming from the PPC campaign. I was really disappointed that I would have had to rebuild the site with the extra bandwidth and gave up completely.
One lesson I learned, it will always stay with me, is that affiliate marketing is good business if you approach Roy, i.e. if you are making more money than you are likely to gain in traffic.

The final word on selling ringtones online. Probably not a good idea anymore. I invested a bit for custom monophonic and polyphonic ringtones Hey, what’s happening soon? Phones that can play real tunes Now if you do not use a Nokia 3310 or some other Archie handset, you do not even know what a monophonic ringtone looks like. Most of the latest handsets in the market now support original tunes and there are ways to get original tunes without paying a penny. Especially some of these phones that come with voice recorders. In addition, most networks offer original tunes for sale to their subscribers.

So if you are thinking of joining a ringtone affiliate program then consider the above.

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