9 Tips How You Should Cope with an Employment Gap

Tips How You Should Cope with an Employment Gap

Employments gaps can be the source of stress for job seekers. There can be any number of reasons behind the gap in your employment history. You could be taking time off to explore your skills, travel, or for mental peace. Regardless of its nature, it is nerve-wracking for most people to explain them to prospective employers. A stigma is connected to employment gaps by society, that they make a candidate undesirable.

However, we are here to tell you that this situation can be turned around in your favor. There are ways to acknowledge the gap and yet appear as an equally competitive candidate. Read ahead to know the most effective tips to impress hiring managers despite your period of unemployment.

Take an honest approach

The advice we repeatedly offer our clients at our professional cv editing services is to be sincere. Not mentioning the gap at all or editing dates on your resume can be tempting. But basing a new career on false information will damage your reputation sooner or later. Most organizations have capable human resource management who are adept at spotting errors in applications. Moreover, they are likely to verify their future employee’s professional backgrounds. Telling the truth from the start will give a positive beginning to your future.

Talk about it in your cover letter

Although cover letters are considered a hassle, they are vital to the process of getting employed. Cover letters are a tool you can use to your benefit when it comes to employment gaps. You can address the break in a few lines, relating when and why it happened. Mention the things you did during this period that can be relevant to your professional growth. That can include further education, freelancing, entrepreneurship, or gaining certifications related to your field.

Be prepared to talk about it in an interview

Sometimes businesses call potential candidates for preliminary meetings before the process of shortlisting. They are likely to inquire about your employment gap during such an interview. Take that into account when preparing for your interview. Create points in your mind so you can speak confidently if the topic comes up. On a side note, shifting a lot between jobs is as concerning as an employment gap for employers. So, be ready beforehand to respond convincingly and dispel any doubts about your capabilities.

Make up for it by building an amazing resume

With a strong skill set and exemplary qualifications, you can make potential employers overlook minor employment gaps. They will be more interested in hiring a talented and responsible employee who can ensure workplace productivity. This is why your resume must be crafted to showcase all your best attributes. Hiring one of the best cv writing services in Dubai can be the perfect solution for that. We know the techniques to build you a resume that will draw the attention of any hiring manager.

Do not get overly anxious about the gap

It is important to identify your employment gaps and be open about them. However, obsessing and worrying too much about explaining every single break is unwise. Generally, employers are more curious to know about recent gaps you took professionally instead of ones taken years back. Simply mentioning them in your interview can clear the air. But do not specifically draw attention to a break that has no obvious effect on your career. Instead, elaborate on the experiences and professional growth you have gone through.

Fill in the gap so you can mention it without hesitation

No matter what the reason, try to spend the break productively. This way you will have no trouble in telling employers about it. You could volunteer, take a course, obtain an advanced degree, or start your own business. These activities will expose you to other professionals as well and strengthen your network. Highlight the things you have achieved during this period in your resume and cover letter. It will show you are a resilient and motivated individual.

Go for a different format

A typical resume format that follows a chronological order will put your professional break in an uncomfortable spotlight. Therefore, a hybrid format that is functional as well as chronological can be more suitable. Summarize your competencies and qualifications in the first half of the resume. The chronological part can apply to the experience section. It is best to avoid mentioning any positions you held for less than 3 months.

Emphasize the point when you decided to return

Alongside convincingly explaining your absence from the industry, you must also share the reason behind resuming your career. Precisely describe your motivation so the employer can see you are eager to perform your best again. You should not feel the need to justify the decision. But simply convey your enthusiasm for learning and stepping back into the field to prove your mettle.  

Optimism is key

Take a positive approach when it comes to handling employment gaps. It is not something to be ashamed of or to render you incapable of employment. Do not let it ruin your self-esteem and deal with it in a healthy manner. Projecting a confident vibe will urge others to recognize your abilities.

The important thing is not to perceive an employment gap as the end of the world. Simply follow our tips and show hiring managers that you are worth their consideration.

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