How to Use Interactive Video to Attract More Customers

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What are the formats, strategies or tactics that we can use so that interactive video allows us to attract more customers?
Large clients and brands, along with smaller or younger ones, are launching into the video experience as a way of promoting their products.
It is that there are endless possibilities in this tool of seductive quality due to its varied costs and its wide scope.
Statistics support the idea of ​​video marketing as one of the mechanisms with the highest potential: a study conducted by Cisco Systems states that 87% of US companies used videos for online marketing, sales or communication of their products.
With this resource they obtained very satisfactory results, since the possibility of interaction on the part of the spectators guarantees the viralization and transmission of content far above the possibility of mere text.
Creativity, aesthetics, veracity and transparency are part of the effects to build brand trust through video marketing, where interactive video further ties this trust.

In interactive video, the protagonist becomes the viewer.

Integrating elements that allow you to purchase a product or service just by clicking at a certain moment in the video.
Already in this case, not only an identification or presence is produced as an effect, but the viewer becomes a user/client, making him a participant in what happens in the video.
Based on this identification of the viewer, ideas arise on how to use interactive video to attract customers.

Tell a story with details

Interactive video capabilities allow you to connect different situations, elements and interactions, creating a richer story without the need to leave the video.

Promotion of a product with coupons

In fact, the video allows you to see a product demonstration in greater detail, but if you want to create a presale or a special promotion of this product, the interactive video allows you to add the download of coupons with the simple fact of completing certain steps within it.

Activate contests

Interaction video also allows games within the video, or making the video a game, where the viewer can select answers within the video or play a game of the same video, great right?

Viralize content on Private Social Networks

Many brands have stopped their investments in platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, due to the latest data protection scandals or the controversial content of YouTubers. This has led investments to move to secure content and reliable platforms, which thanks to Interactive Video can be distributed on messaging platforms such as Messenger or WhatsApp, allowing many brands to maintain their presence and investment, ensuring the quality of their distribution.
Centralize all content in a single video
You can create video galleries within the same interactive video, managing to show all the options of a specific product, without this viewer having to go through a second or third research process to get to know a product or service in depth.

Delivering immediate support

Add the option to connect with Messenger directly from the video, in order to provide immediate support to your potential customers, thus reducing any type of doubt prior to purchase, increasing knowledge of your product/service at the same time.
Generating education through your product
The opportunities offered by interactive video allow you to create question and answer processes focused on educating your product/service, helping your customers to get to know them in-depth, thus reducing doubts about it and positioning viewers as experts in your field. Mark.

Creating exclusive access to content

The interactive video also allows, through subscription forms, access to exclusive content within the same video, for example, you can limit the viewing of a video to 5 seconds and if they want to see the rest of the content, you demand that they give you some contact information, such as your email.
Integrate social validations
As in a landing page, you can add customer testimonials through the video gallery options, or embed comments from other customers within the video, increasing trust with the viewer, so that they make a purchase decision reinforced with social validators.

Automating the Product Demonstration Process

The video alone allows you to demonstrate the features and benefits of your products, but when you integrate it with tools that help you get qualified leads, that are when you’ll be getting the most out of it. The Interactive video allows you to integrate a process of taking hours or complete a form to request a product demonstration. The right process for your business goals.
There are many additional ways to attract customers with your video marketing strategy and especially using an Interactive Video tool, such as Cinema8.
And it is not an adaptation to the 2.0 world of the elements of traditional broadcasting. We no longer speak exclusively of television advertisements parading through the new media or the simple conversion of a text into a combination of images and music. Video marketing is a language in itself. The contents are designed and created in and for these new forms of use, expression and consumption.
It is clear that, when seeking notoriety and affinity with audiences, brands today cannot ignore this thinking and create specific content. Like any emerging tool, this resource can provide a fundamental component to a general communication strategy.

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