How to Transform Shipping Boxes into Beautiful Home Decor  

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Cardboard boxes and DIYs have a very intricate relationship that is beyond interpretation. They complement each other in the most friendly and loveable manner. 

Well, every product that comes into the market, it comes in a box. 

Why is a box important for the product?

What difference does it make?

How it is more effective than no packaging at all? 

First of all, it is the containment that is the most important for a product because when the product is made it travels from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, retailer, and then the customer. So, the businesses need to create packaging boxes that are strong and sturdy, capable of taking hits and falls during the journey.  

Custom boxes come to the rescue when it is about delivering the product in one piece to the customers. These boxes are made up of cardboard and corrugated cardboard because they are the strongest of all the other alternatives that are available in the market.  

What is the most exciting about these boxes is that you can use them to make various decorations for your beautiful house in few easy and fun steps. 

Here are some of the inspirations for you or else it is not the end. You can create whatever you like it is all about being creative and imaginative with what you are willing to make.  

  •     Storage boxes

Those messy shelves are the major turn off. It instantly kills the whole mood of the room. 

Custom boxes wholesale for shipping are the strongest from all the other boxes which make it perfect for making home décor items. To give your shelves a decent outlook use custom boxes wrapped in unique fabric or paper sheets that go with the ambiance of the room.  

  •     Lamps

Cardboard is the most versatile packing material, especially corrugated cardboard as it is strong enough to hold the weight of a person if organized properly. Well, cardboard lamps are the most eco-friendly lamps that scream for sustainability plus give a very retro feel to the room. 

The internet is swarming with custom templates for lamps that just need to be printed and cut according to the lines and assemble. Put a bulb on and you are ready to light it up in the night or day or whenever you want to, that is your decision. 

  •     Wall hangings 

The lightweight of cardboard makes them perfect for your new wall hangings.  

What you just have to do is to cut your favorite shapes, paint them, glitter them, or add whatever fancy stuff you want, and attach with the centerpiece of any old wall hanging. Or you can meek you custom centerpiece.  

  •     Frames

This one is never getting old!

Frames not only are useful but they make a perfect present for your loved ones, friends, and family. 

Shipping boxes are strong and give a very supportive and sturdy surface to make them stand or you can hang them too on the wall. There are a lot of tinted or textured sheets available in the market now that gives a unique and attractive appearance to the frame.  

  •     Wall art

It is a perfect décor for a lounge, kitchen, kids’ room, or study. It does not matter where do you want to put your art, it is about what you are creating. 

Cardboard is flexible and can be cut or molded into unique shapes and sizes.

You make patterns, lines, calligraphy, and other imagery or silhouettes on the wall with the use of old shipping boxes. They are also friendly to paint and sprays. You can give cheap custom boxes a very outstanding appearance with the help of spray paints or wrappings.

Custom shipping boxes are used by every business and almost every other product is shipped in these boxes that you mostly receive. It is not difficult to find custom boxes USA for delivering the product. It is because custom shipping boxes wholesale are the cheapest and easily available in the market. 

Think out of the box when it comes to designing.  

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