How to Stay Safe from Home Invasions

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It is estimated that nearly 3000 home invasions occur each day in the USA. While these statistics might be alarming, the burning question is, how prepared are you in case your home gets invaded?

Here are some essential tips to stay safe from home invasions:

Make Your House Appear Unpredictable

The number one thing that potential burglars hate the most is unpredictability, which is why you need to add some unpredictability to your home. Something as simple as kid’s toys in the front yard, or putting up some stickers of “beware of the dog”; even if you don’t own a dog; or leaning a skateboard against the front wall.

Things like these do for your home defense because they will confuse the guys about the pattern of your life as they hate unpredictability. By pretending to have dogs and kids and an unpredictable life pattern, you can keep thieves and burglars off your property.

Prepare a Tactical Plan B

Typically, most home invasions happen in the later hours of the night, when we are fast asleep. This is also the time when we are the most vulnerable. However, having a plan B is better than having no plan at all. And the best self-defense plan includes a self-defense weapon.

We recommend that you buy AR 15 Rifle; however, buying it and owning it is never enough! You must know how to maneuver one. Besides, don’t make the mistake of placing the rifle near the door (most people do). The last thing you want is to have the attacker/ thief standing between you and your self-defense weapon.

So, you must ensure that everything is readily available right next to you. How about preparing a proper nightstand that has everything you need: your flashlight, your gun, maybe a way to set off an alarm, car keys, and of course, your cellphone (fully charged) to call 911.

Put Your Cameras in the Right Places

While placing the cameras, your objective should be to get the ID quality of any potential intruder. Most people just set up cameras that allow them to get an entire cool view of their living room or the backyard; however, you need to pay attention to placing the camera in spots that allow you to get the highest quality of the image.

Your aim should be to get the ID quality of the thieves so the police department can trace and detect them.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Good communication among neighbors is one of the best and fastest ways to detect a potential home invasion and even stop it before things get out of control. Living in a community gets so much better and safer when you take time to get to know your neighbors. Let them know about your typical time of coming and going. Once a good relationship is built with your neighbors, you can start looking for one another. If someone in the neighborhood sees something odd, they can text/call you or inform the police department directly. 

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