How To Safely Get A Road Bike Fitting And Find A Cycle Coach During The Pandemic!

Virtual Bike Fitting

You may have noticed, even subconsciously, that we have made a major paradigm shift last couple of years in the wake of this pandemic. I notice it due to being a technology person, but also because it is refreshing to no longer be considered weird for avoiding physical gatherings the way I have always done. I was never a fan of big social gatherings, crowds or the like, and was considered an outlier for a long time. We have made a 20 to 30 year leap in transition to a digital society out of necessity over the past couple of years, and that’s why some of this transition has been bumpier than one might expect.

The digital transition makes perfect sense for a lot of things like shopping, telecommuting and online learning, when it comes to something like a road bike fitting or finding a cycle coach, it may seem like it would be difficult to rely on digital technology given how physical and in-person these tend to be traditionally-speaking.

Truth be told, the only inconvenience here is having to forsake that in-person, personal thing that we perceive, something that passed society has conditioned us to think is important, when it really isn’t.

All you need is a willingness to do the actual modifications and construction work on your bike yourself after you get an online road bike fitting through either a smart app or someone on VoIP who knows all about it. As far as finding a cycle coach, you just need a modern athletics coaching app, a basic smart phone to run it and a simple biometric smart watch. With VoIP, again, and the biometric data filtered through this smart app, you can easily get coaching advice that is far more precise thanks to the readings it provides, and you don’t have to worry about scheduling or picking a venue, because you can work out where you want, when you want and if you don’t need to be live with your coach, they can review your biometric data later and provide you with input.

What if you are on a team, though? That VoIP can still help, and that reported biometric data can do virtual races, and the independence of scheduling and venue is even greater when are multiple people with their own busy lives that would otherwise be impossible to get on the same page.

If I can provide a little bit of advice, make sure that you look for an app that works on both platforms, especially if you are part of a team, as the kosher as a member. Those who use one operating system will not be thrilled about having to switch to the other, as people who love iOS hate android and vice versa.

If I can leave you with one other little piece of advice, as far as finding an online cycle coach, don’t spend a fortune on your smart watch, because aside from that biometric data and telling the time, this is a technology looking for a problem to solve, rather than a technology solving an existing problem. As long as it does the biometrics, or some standard Bluetooth and is compatible with your app, you are good to go.

Bio – Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching, Est. 2014, is owned and run by Matthew Bottrill. 

Winner of multiple National Championships, holder of competition records and many more accolades to his name Matt has focused the last year on developing MBPC and beginning to coach some of the worlds top athletes on a range of stages. 

As part of this Matt transitioned from the world of Time Trialling into Triathlon in 2017 and progressed to multiple Age group and Overall wins. This learning process, along with taking on board specialist Triathlon coaches, has enabled MBPC to transform the cycling within many athletes in Triathlon.

Now coaching some of the best Triathletes in the world, including the likes of Tim Don, Will Clarke, Rachel Joyce and Susie Cheetham, Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching is taking the Tri market by storm. 

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