How to make a square tiered cupcake stand?

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Most people look for a good and fashionable wooden cupcake stand. You must know that wooden cupcake stands are much better and more robust. You can use it for an extended period. If you have a wooden cupcake stand it will give you a lot of options. You can use it in many ways. A wooden cupcake stand will give a vintage look. If you want you can make a wooden cupcake stand. However, you need to follow some steps and processes. If you have a piece of prior knowledge, you can easily make the stand.

Steps to make a wooden cupcake stand:

Here you will learn about some steps to make a wooden cupcake stand. The steps are simple and you need to follow accordingly.

  • In the first step, you have to gather some wood. It is okay if you collect the woods that are already cut for firewood purposes. This will make the process much easier and smoother. Otherwise, it will take time to cut the woods into a pattern.
  • Now you have to make three different sizes of wood. It will be in smaller, medium, and bigger sizes. If you cannot make it, you can take help from others.
  • Once you have accumulated all the logs, you need to make the holes. To get this work done you need a driller. You can also get it done by a professional. They will know this work. If you have drilled and made the holes on all the stands, you have to use wooden dowel rod pins to hold all the stands together.
  • It would help if you remembered that all the holes on the wood must be made in the same position and point.
  • If you wish to seal the wood, you can use a spray with the help of a clear coat. The wood slices must be made properly. This is the primary thing for making the stand.
  • To make the holes in the correct position, you can also use a marker. This will help you to make the holes quickly. You need to make three triangles that will hold all three shelves together. It can be best done if a 90-degree line is drawn at the end of the triangle. Afterward you can remove or erase the line to avoid any confusion.
  • On the other hand, sawing the frame is a much easier job. This is because you have to just follow the markings and do the work. You have to collect the pieces of wood and cut it into 20 inches from each of the boards.
  • To make the legs of the cupcake stand you have to mark the angle and saw it off. You can saw the board into two pieces. That will be much more convenient. You can easily do it with less effort.
  • You can make as many steps as you want. It depends upon you. It will be better if you use the best quality wood to make the wooden stand. This will allow you to use the product for a long time. Once you are finished with the stand, just put the cupcakes in order. It will look fabulous. Your wooden cupcake stand is now ready for display at the party.

Final Thoughts:

Making a wooden cupcake stand is easy if you have all the essential ingredients and tools in your hand. It is found that the wooden stands are the best ones. They are robust and you can enjoy using them. You can place ample cupcakes in order. It can change the look of the table.

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