How To Find A Running Coach During The Pandemic!

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I am absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are every bit as sick and tired of reading hearing about this pandemic as I am of mentioning it in writing. On top of the many atrocities that this pandemic is cost, as well as the various forms of inconvenience and financial disruption, it is just a topic that has been talked absolutely to death, and yet, here we are still having to deal with it.

I am a very strong believer in trying to find a silver lining to every cloud, the one positive and constructive contribution that even disasters can provide, not as a way of disregarding the tragedies, but rather just trying to stay sane and seeing the brighter side of things when it comes to this pandemic, there aren’t a lot of positives. However, the 2 things that we can probably looked to as positives are a strong lesson learned about being prepared for this sort of thing both economically and logistically in the future as well as the advent of the true digital age probably a few decades earlier than it would otherwise have happened this entire thing of using the Internet as the primary venue rather than a novel alternative is what marks the true beginning of the, an age where in digital is the way to go.

But when it comes to running coaches and other athletic pursuits, it may seem like the online shopping, online telecommuting and online education things don’t really offer a solution, because it’s a very physical thing, right? How do you find a running coach that can provide their service during a period wherein physical contact is heavily discouraged? Well, actually, it’s not as difficult to solve as you might think.

With modern cell phones and 5G data systems, combined with a simple biometric smart watch and specialized coaching apps, running coaches can easily provide the same kind of feedback, support and even more precision intuition into fitness and goals than ever before. These watches can record raps, caloric intake, pulse, you name it, and the apps can even record this motion for virtual races, or you can use VoIP systems to run together while picking your own venue. To find a running coach these days, all you need to be willing to do is implement some modern technology and get over that hollow sensation that comes from a lack of physical proximity with your teammates and your coach. The truth is, physical proximity like this really only contributes something tangible when it comes to races, and even then, that’s questionable. It is entirely social conditioning that has made us value proximity as something important, and future generations will probably think very little of the fact that we get together in person only when necessary.

There are benefits to this, beyond just convenience and getting around issues with the pandemic, because you no longer have to fight for schedules based on everybody’s busy lives, people can pick their venues for workouts, you name it. And before you go, what about gyms, gyms were always kind of crap to begin with, and any exercise you need to do can be done without fancy equipment like that.

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