Why do E-commerce startups prefer VPS Hosting rather than going with other Web Hosting Services?

For Dealing with the increment in website visitors and retaining them E-commerce Business needs a powerful VPS Server that can fulfill their website needs. You never know when your website gets high traffic. Using a Shared Hosting can be disastrous for your website. Shared hosting is not able to

Handle sudden spikes in traffic. And it won’t be able to provide the power to the website that is required to manage traffic. And when it comes to security you can not rely on Shared Hosting anyways. 

E-commerce websites require high-performing resources with High Security. In this case, VPS Hosting is the Best Solution for all the problems of your website in Singapore. With Best VPS Hosting you get powerful Server Resources that are highly secure and reliable in Singapore.

With ten times faster page loading and high capabilities, VPS Hosting can handle E-commerce websites efficiently compared to other servers.

Why VPS Hosting is the Best Choice For E-Commerce Website in Singapore?

E-commerce Websites get High traffic at the time of season sales or Discounts. During the festival Season deals usually, the website gets sudden traffic and it requires more resources to perform well and acquire more customers.

Earlier we discussed how capable a VPS Hosting is. It is more reliable and stable than other Web Hosting Services, and it is also cheap Web Hosting compared to Dedicated Server.

With VPS Hosting you can add more resources and if you want to decrease Server Resources you can do that too. That’s why it’s more scalable than other servers and scalability is the main reason why E-Commerce Websites prefer VPS Hosting in Singapore.

Features of VPS Hosting That Helps E-commerce Websites in Singapore

Features of VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting Singapore

VPS Hosting offers many features that are very essential for an E-Commerce website to run more efficiently. Apart from its scalability and reliability it also has features that make it the most favorable Web Hosting for an E-commerce website in Singapore.

The Features Are;

  • Customization

VPS Hosting is very popular because of its customized resources. E-commerce websites get more traffic after growing well and for handling heavy customer data and providing a safe, secure experience to the user, E-commerce Business needs to upgrade their Server resources for high performance and Security.

Best VPS Server providers provide SSD Storage, DDR3 RAM, High-Speed Bandwidth, and many more. It all makes your VPS Hosting so capable that it can handle heavy databases with high security and more efficiency.

  • Security

Security features are something that always needs to update. Businesses won’t use Shared Hosting because of its high insecurity. It is vulnerable. VPS Hosting comes with ultra-secure firewall protection that makes sure your website data is safe and protected from cyberattacks in Singapore.

E-commerce websites have a big database including customer names, addresses and payment details and they can’t risk that. In Singapore Business needs a VPS Server that ensures that website data is completely safe and protected. 

  • High-Speed Bandwidth

When you use Shared Hosting you share Bandwidth also and if your website has more speed it won’t be able to get that. But with VPS Hosting you get high-speed bandwidth that gives power to your website to load faster than ever before.

E-commerce sites have huge content on their site and it’s increasing every day. For shared hosting, it is not possible to maintain a big database as well as load faster on the internet. High-speed bandwidth helps VPS Hosting in Singapore reduce load time and become more responsive.

  • Less Downtime

A down website always loses big revenue and if you are running an e-commerce website and your website is not responsive enough or crashes or facing high downtime you will lose your customers.

An E-commerce website needs to be available all the time. VPS hosting reduces the downtime of the sites. It is capable enough to manage a good amount of traffic and if your website experiences an increment in traffic you can upgrade them at a cheap price in Singapore.

Final Thoughts

VPS Hosting is the best option for the Business that runs an e-commerce site and won’t have the budget to own a Dedicated Server in Singapore. Yes, a Dedicated Server is superior to VPS hosting but you have to pay a heavy amount for this and which is not possible for a small or midsize business. With Cheap VPS Hosting, you get all the benefits that you get with a Dedicated Server with some limitations. 

VPS Hosting is fast and secure enough to give customers a pleasant experience with more security and reliability. But only the Best Web Hosting provider in Singapore can provide all the features that an e-commerce website owner is looking for.

Serverwala Cloud Data Center offers you numerous features so that you can host your website more efficiently. They provide you with many benefits that are very helpful for your E-commerce website in Singapore.

Serverwala offers features with VPS Hosting in Singapore like;

  • 99.90% Uptime
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • DDoS Protection
  • You Can Transfer Monthly 50Tb Data
  • 1GBPs Network Speed
  • Full Root Access

Serverwala offers Cheap VPS hosting for an E-commerce website to ensure that they can enhance website performance and boost user experience.  

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