How Does Hard Drive Recovery Work?

Hard drive recovery
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So, you have either been running your business for a long time or are starting a new business and you find yourself facing a very different world when you approach 2022 than you have worked in in the past. The past 2 years demark a transition from one era to another far stronger than any tragedies suffered in the past 30 or 40 years. Yes, while the disasters caused by political upheaval at the beginning of the century in many free parts of the world were horrible, mentally-scarring things, the recent Covid 19 epidemic has had a far greater and more immediate impact on daily life professionally and personally. This may sound insensitive when looked at this way, but it’s just a matter of science.

Truth be told, this is the true beginning of the digital age, an era in which people have been forced to adopt the Internet for just about everything. Even with most places now opening up and not even requiring masks, even with vaccines readily available, vaccines that everyone should get, no excuses, the change in how we handle things is permanent. We have been forced to try telecommuting. We have been forced to try online learning. We have been forced to learn to socially interact and do all of our shopping and food ordering online. Very few people are actually excited to return to their long commute to work, their miserable cubicle or classroom, nor the hectic experience that is shopping at various brick-and-mortar locations while fighting traffic and wrangling small children. Thus, it is now truly the digital age when we all prefer the Internet for just about everything it can provide rather than settling out of necessity.

In a world like this, data is gold. If your data is compromised and unavailable, or if your data is outdated by even a 24 hour business cycle, your company could meet its doom. And so, you need to have hard drive recovery or traditional hard disk recovery service on hand and ready to go, able to get your business back on track in as little time as possible. You should not wait until you need a recovery service like this before you look into one and sign a general contract. Fortunately, most hard drive recovery and hard disk recovery services charge little to nothing to go ahead and sign in on-call contract, retained and ready when your company needs them.

So, you may be wondering how they can recover data from truly dead hard drives, damaged hard drives or hard drives encrypted by malicious ransomware attacks. While the exact science and some of the approaches do border on sorcery even to tech writers like myself, I will do my best to explain the inner workings of the storage media and the various ways recovery is handled.

So, a traditional electromechanical hard disk stores data more or less the same way old floppy drives did and the way tape backups do. It simply has a series of cells known as sectors with magnetic values on surface that represent ones and zeros. It spins like a record, a magnetic head reading the data. Usually when a hard drive dies, the boot sector may break down and the electromechanical functions may seize up. In cases like this, hard drive recovery services often take the platters out of the hard drive, the platters being the spinning plates, and put them in interchangeable equipment which can get the platters spinning again.

Once they can spin, any data that can be instantly recovered by simple read/write functions will undergo exactly that. However, if the data is somewhat damaged, various rather complicated algorithms are on hand to extrapolate and fill in the blanks. This means that some amount of data will be permanently lost, but historically, it has been a more superficial loss, not that critical, hard drives being fairly smartly laid out these days.

Solid-state drives make hard disk recovery a little more difficult. This does not mean impossible, however. If there is simply damage to the circuitry, temporary fixes will be attempted, but failing that, the actual flash memory chips will be removed and placed in yet another modular piece of equipment that can attempt to read from them. Similar extrapolate of algorithms may be employed where gaps or damage exists in the data itself, data being far less damaged in most cases with solid-state drives than with hard drives.

In events like ransomware attacks, most hard drive recovery and hard disk recovery services will attempt to identify the type of encryption used, thus also being able to identify exactly what breed of ransomware was used. They can successfully do this, they will probably be able to either formulate or simply look up a base cipher to get your data decrypted. If it is a unique cipher and ransomware type, this makes things a little more arduous. However, with the use of powerful parallel computing and more extrapolate if algorithms, they can do a combination of brute forcing and prediction to eventually formulate a cipher that will work across several sample data points. Once they do this, they will be able to deduce the cipher and recover your data.

Some types of storage media become nearly impossible if not truly impossible to recover if damage has been done. Optical media is susceptible to bit rot where in the reflective foil decays due to oxygen and UV exposure. Tape is simply very fragile, and if you still have some of your archives stored on old floppy disks, you need to get it off of them and onto solid-state memory now, floppy disks have a somewhat finite lifespan and are also fragile, though not quite as fragile as tapes.

This is obviously a simple look at how hard drive recovery and hard disk recovery work, as we haven’t the expertise nor the space here to get into the nitty-gritty scientific aspects utilized in the service. Remember what we said, it is better to have a recovery service and not need it been to needed and not have it, so don’t wait until you need hard drive recovery or hard disk recovery to actually cultivate a relationship with a service provider!

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