Finding A Running Club Is A Good Idea

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A lot of runners, particularly those who are just starting out, want to find a running mate to join them. For some running by themselves is not a chance to be alone and focus on yourself, it is lonely plus when you have a partner to run with it can help when it comes to motivation. But finding someone to run with is not always easy. You need someone of a simar level of fitness so that they are not outpacing you all the time or you are not outpacing them. One way to find a partner is by joining a running club, in person, or an online running club. Here is a look a running club can help you run better.

A great place to find companionship

Joining a club, making use of a running club app, chatting on forums or privately to friends is a great way to find like-minded people and some companionship. Running on your own as said before can be lonely for some people but whether you have people you can run with physically or people you can set up online options with, a running club is a great way to find someone of the same kind of fitness and have some company on the way.

Be part of a supportive group

What is great about joining a club is that this means you have a group of people you now belong to! Maybe it is a group with a real mix of different people from different levels of fitness and goals, or maybe it is a more focused group of people at the same level there to support each other. Have people cheering for you at your races, helping you prepare, sending tips and advice for getting more comfortable as you run.

Have some fun while finding motivation

Having people you can talk to and connect with when you join an online running club is also a great way to stay motivated. It happens in different ways, from having people come to see you at races if you do them, to having people to run with, to supportive messages and more.

Expand your network

Sometimes it is easy to stay settled and get stuck in a rut. It happens socially as well as in other ways. But extending your network of contacts, whether to use for business, socially or just for running is a good thing. Building other relationships is a great way to find more support, if you are single and want to change that it is a way to meet other people and maybe date. Even if you are usually an introvert, online you can chat in groups you choose and just type if you prefer. Talk to people about running and if you want you can expand that further.


If you are looking for company while you run or people to talk to about running and want to turn that into something more social then a running club is a great idea. You can also use it for motivation, use their running club app for the same purpose and get better at it.

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