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Close to some of the world’s largest freshwater reserves, Michigan is a popular place to sunbathe. But beaches aren’t the only place to find sand in Michigan. The state also has more than 300,000 acres of dunes.

The state’s giant sandbars are formed by wind patterns, ranging in height from a few feet to tens of feet, depending on the amount of sand available. And their shape and size are constantly changing. The dunes along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan were formed by the westerly era, which leaves behind the features we see today by blowing sand. These sand mountains are a popular place for hiking, camping, sand boarding and sand boarding.

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Where are the dunes?

Michigan has both inland and coastal dunes. Huge dunes form along Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, with dunes inside the state. As a result, there are many opportunities to explore the dunes throughout the state.

Some of Michigan’s most accessible dunes are located in Saugatuck State Park. Here you can walk 4 km along the shoreline of Lake Michigan and see sand dunes over 200 feet long. The 300-hectare natural area contains an amazing system of freshwater coastal dunes.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore is consistently ranked as one of the state’s most popular dunes, and it’s not hard to understand why. The park stretches 35 miles along the shores of Lake Michigan, providing ample space to create numerous dunes.

The state’s most spectacular formation is the Grand Sable Dunes, west of the Grand Marais on the shores of Pictured Rocks National Lakes. The glacier-formed dunes sit above the 300-foot-high Grand Sable Banks. The Grand Sable has 5 square miles of dunes, with access to them only 1/4 mile.

Whether you’re visiting the coastal dunes or going inland, you can experience the dunes in a variety of ways. Your choice really depends on the time you have and your physical fitness. Here are the top five ways to experience the Michigan dunes:

Climb and download

At Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore, visitors can climb and roll through the dunes. It’s a lot of fun, but there’s an even better way to get off: sand boarding. This is a snowboard-like concept, but much warmer and prevents sand particles from moving as fast as snow. Some of Mears’ water sports vendors have rented sand boards to brave adventurers for use at the nearby Silver Lake Dunes.

A walk to the dunes

Have you ever jogged on the beach? Not as effective as a movie. It’s difficult to walk on the sand. Sleeping Bear Dunes’ Dunes Trail to Lake Michigan is only 9.6 miles round trip, which is a daunting task. Still, the view of the lake and wildflowers is definitely worth it. Sogatak State Park has more than 16km of hiking trails, most of which overlook the Sand Dunes In Michigan.

Drive the dune trolley

Dune strollers are as fun as they look. The 2,000-acre Silver Lake dunes, along with a lake of the same name as Lake Michigan, are the only dunes in the state where visitors can ride their all-terrain vehicle. Are you the proud owner of your own buggy? Please do not worry. You can rent at Silver Lake Resort & Campground or take a guided tour.

Sleep under the starry sky

Many Michigan dunes, especially those on the shores of state parks and national lakes, are close to campgrounds where you can set up tents after sightseeing. The day campsite on the D.H. Sleeping Bear Dunes is literally right next to Lake Michigan, so you have easy access to all of its sand. Silver Lake State Park also has space for tents and campers in the campground, in the midst of an opportunity filled with 2,000 acres of sand.

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