Everything you need to know about Custom Kraft Boxes

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Kraft is a packaging material that can also be considered as paperboard or cardboard. The production of this material happens with the help of a special process. Production houses have machines installed in their vicinities that are capable of carrying out the Kraft process. This kind of paper is important for creating Kraft boxes because of its unique properties. The Kraft process makes the paper in a different way than other pulping processes. The final product of this technique creates a material with high tear resistance and elasticity. The dark and sturdy material becomes a good choice for making different kinds of packages.

Know about the Kraft process

The material of a Kraft package is made through 7 steps. The impregnation process steams wood chips to expand the raw material. The air quantity is maintained in this step. The next thing is to cook the wooden chips. After mixing them with lignin fragments, sodium carbonates, and other salts, a pulp is created. Later a recovery process is introduced in which multiple chemical reactions take place. The next step involves the collection of these cooked chips in a blow tank. Here the atmospheric pressure of the material is handled. After screening the pulp from unwanted material, washing is done. This step maintains the water quantity in the Kraft paper. The last step is bleaching. It removes the dissolved organic material from the washed pulp. After going through some heating and pressing phases, a perfect Kraft paper gets ready to be used. 

Care to Customize

Companies that order Kraft boxes can take advantage of the customization property of the material. Personalization of the packet is really important to make the company stand out in the sea of competitors. Using the right techniques and design ideas, a firm can make a good-looking case. Some of the customization techniques deserve a worthy mention here.

  • Use paper to flare

Decorative papers, foils, and laminations can be used to make the product look beautiful. The material of a Kraft case is capable of withstanding the pasting and taping of these products without getting damaged. The look of these containers matters a lot because of their uses in diversity. Mostly they are used for storing, retailing, and gifting.

  • Paint your heart out

A Kraft container has a plain brown surface. This proves to be great for using multiple types of coloring techniques on top of them. Dyes, paints, inks, and other coloring ingredients can be used to style a container. Kraft box packaging gives a free hand to the user to make it look as they want. It is one of the biggest advantages of using customized wrapping.

  • A shape that matters

This type of wrapping is made out of a material that is easy to mold. You can use this property in your favor. Different shapes can be created out of it. As every product is different in shape and size, the packaging of it should be a match too. Instead of regular geometric shapes, customized shapes can also be made out of Kraft paper.

Freedom of use

There are a lot of places where these boxes prove their importance. Some of the major points have made it to the list here.

  • Shipping

A Kraft carton is a commonly preferred type of shipping bag. The main property of this material is that it is light in weight and easy to handle. This is the reason that companies produce their customized Kraft containers to carry products. An item gets shipped in these cartons without the fear of getting damaged during the transport. The thick walls of these boxes make it possible to provide cushioning to the item inside them. Different packaging styles like shoeboxes and tuck tops are commonly used to deliver the products. A company can customize these styles according to their need.

  • Protecting the Earth

Kraft boxes also become a good choice because of the raw material that is used to create them. The wood used in the production makes these cases eco-friendly. As the material is bio-degradable, recycling it is highly possible. The production of containers utilizes a lot of electricity and natural resources. A Kraft box makes it possible to reuse the already created cardboard boxes. Used paper that is extracted can be used as lining in the creation of corrugated packages. It saves time, money, resources, and effort. Companies looking to prevent the overuse of all of these features should opt for bags created by Kraft paper.

  • Gifting with style

Gifting is another activity that can be done through this item. It comes with an option to get customized at will. It proves very beneficial for the retailers as well as the buyers. Customization makes the item that is gifted look more important and trust bestowing. These Kraft wrappers can be styled in any shape and size to make the storing and giving of gifts more precious. 

Utilizing the knowledge

All of the details mentioned above become a guideline for the client to choose the right kind of material. Kraft boxes for USA consumers are being made by multiple companies. They can choose any one of them to help their production. 

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