English Villages to Enjoy a Summer Near the Beach and The Seaport

English Villages to Enjoy a Summer

The South of England is a beautiful region that is rich in history and charm, and it is an excellent destination for a one-week vacation.

When you mention you’re heading to the South of England, many people assume you’re talking about travelling to London, which might be the case, but if your plan was also to visit some small places like villages near the beach, you can always hire a seaport chauffeur that will get you there in no time!

In the South of England, there are tiny stone villages, beautiful forests, old monuments, and a coastline rich with natural beauty and historical significance which are really worth a visit.


This town, which is the birthplace of Charles Dickens, has a population of more than 200,000 people, or more than 400,000 if you include the metropolitan region. It is well-known as a port city.


Brighton is more than a tourist town (although it receives millions of visitors each year); you’ll enjoy its pier, which is one of the world’s longest, and its beaches, which are pebbly and you might miss the sand but not the beach atmosphere. It’s only an hour from London and has more than 150,000 inhabitants in its city centre.

There is a wide selection of restaurants, clubs, bars, and other seaside attractions close to the shore; don’t forget to pay a visit to the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery while you’re there.

The fact that such famous persons as Lawrence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, and Rudyard Kippling once resided in this area makes it an excellent spot to visit.


Any seaside town in the south of England worth its salt has its own pier, and Worthing, with a population of over 100,000 people, is no exception. 

The Pavilion Theatre, which has a capacity of 650 people, is Worthing’s primary theatre and the main attraction for musicals, plays, stand-up comedians, and touring bands.

From there, you may take a stroll along the pier, which is illuminated by iron gaslights, has painted railings, and has lovely stained glass panels to keep the wind at bay.


Eastbourne, which is close to Brighton and just over an hour from London, is reputed to be one of the sunniest towns in the United Kingdom, which is all the more reason to choose it as a destination despite the fact that it is a small town with only 100,000 inhabitants; what it does lack is a pebble beach, and what it does have are a pier and seaside hotels. 


With a population of around 90,000 people, which increases significantly in the summer due to the influx of tourists and international students, it is just over an hour and a half away from London. It is a charming seaside town that is similar in size to Eastbourne (although smaller in population).

If you’re visiting Hastings for the first time, the lovely pier is a great spot to start because you can take in the sea wind and smell the sea air. Despite the fact that the original house was built in 1872, the design of the current structure is contemporary, having been rebuilt following a fire in 2010.

In fact, it was the recent rebuilding by architect Rijke Marsh Morgan that helped the pier win the Stirling Prize for the best architecture in the United Kingdom in 2017.

Perhaps as a result of its marine location, Hastings was a popular destination for smugglers seeking to sneak products out of the country without paying the appropriate taxes, especially throughout the 18th century, when the authorities’ efforts to prevent fraud were strengthened.


This English town, with its 8-kilometre-long beach, is the premier summer tourist destination in the country. It has about 400,000 residents, not counting the millions of tourists that visit each year, and it even has its own international airport as well as a university.

The Bottom Line

Get away from it all and concentrate solely on having a good time in the South of England, where the very essence of Britain can be found at every turn: the English countryside.

In England, time seems to slow down during the summer months. This time of year, the light that fills one of the most beautiful regions of Great Britain does what you would expect it to do: it refuses to leave! 

Considering how the sun feeds an almost infinite palette in which there is room for the blue of the sea, lakes, and sky as well as for the primaeval green of the valleys, it is only comparable to the number of plans to live and enjoy in some of the most beautiful villages in England, authentic villages straight out of a postcard that is waiting for you to have one of those unforgettable travelling experiences.

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