Do You Know About Honeywell Filter Size and Their Works

Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan

Honeywell distributor in Pakistan represent media filters are widely used all over the world. There is a reason for this because these filters use deep folding technology. As one of the leading media filter brands, Honeywell has an edge over other brands. They are more durable and can be installed in different types of ovens. and save a lot of energy at the same time

Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan media filters are rate 12 on the MERV scale. MERV is an acronym for Minimum Performance Reporting Value. A filter with level 1 has the lowest filtering efficiency. While a filter with level 16 can remove all dust and particles. These filters can record up to 3 microns, which is equal to 3 micrometers.

High Duty Compressor Filtration by Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan

Deep pleated air filters are cleaned multiple times. This allows them to absorb more dust and debris than conventional pleated air filters. This method pushes the air through the filter several times. Improve the purity of the exhaust air and reduce the amount of heat that accumulates in the heat exchanger and the evaporator It can reduce the amount of airborne allergens by 98.7%.

These filters are easy to install. Suitable for oil, gas and electric hot air furnaces, and can be installed on the ceiling or wall in any position. Honeywell media filters can also be used with heavy-duty compressors with gas capacities up to 5 tons. Filters do not require a power supply and must be installed as is.

Manufactured by Honeywell replacement filters, they are compatible with ovens and air conditioning equipment from Carrier, Trane, Ruud, Air Bear and others. They enjoy the complete quality and service of the company’s equipment.

The Compressor Filter Size and Classification

These filters are available in various sizes. There are 25″ filters from 10x20x1 to 25x25x1 and 22 2″ filters from 10x20x2 to 25x25x2 and 4″ in eight sizes from 12x24x4 to 24x (the last number of each measurement represents the filter thickness).

It appears to be Honeywell’s best-selling FC100A1029 filter and has replaced 18 different designs and FC100A1037 to replace 17. These 4-inch filters are made by Indigo and are available in the MERV-11 efficiency class. This figure is higher than the minimum recommended by the American Lung Association. The Honeywell alternative MERV-12 is rated.

The MERV classification is given by the Association of (Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition) HVAC Companies in Pakistan to create filters that remove pollutants and particulates from the air in your home. From some sources Filters rated higher than MERV-12 cause loss of friction or airflow in the air supply system. And although there is a good filter The operating cost is also high.

Honeywell filters are usually pleated and woven with polyester material. It is believed that pleats work much safer than fiberglass filters. This increases the filtration surface and decomposes so rapidly that fiberglass particles can enter the air. The filters of Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan also feature a support wire mesh next to the filter media that is blocked from the airflow. so that the air can circulate without distortion.

Disadvantages of These Filters

One disadvantage of these filters is that they are more expensive than conventional filters. This can be compensated by the low maintenance required for these filters. The Honeywell filters do not require more replacement than conventional filters. can last for about a year. These cheaper products are less efficient and require more maintenance and ultimately higher cost. So a consistent filtration method is the answer and having such a plant is commendable.

Another downside is that the filter doesn’t kill bacteria and odors that get through it. This filter is made from a material that prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. Therefore does not cause the growth of bacteria Therefore, there is no need to add chemicals to the filter media to kill bacteria.

The Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan recommend that your furnace be inspected regularly to ensure maximum continuity and minimum replacement costs. When a family member or employee has asthma or other lung problems, if you have allergies or related medical conditions. you should change it Filter more than the filter manufacturer recommends.

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