Dealing with flu

Dealing with flu

Flu is a common complaint. It can cause a wide range of symptoms, that can take a great toll on the body.

It is often confused with common cold, however, influenza is a different ballgame. Unlike cold, its symptoms set in suddenly.

Common symptoms of flu include coughing and sore throat. It also leads to runny and stuffy nose, aches around the body but especially headache. Moreover, flu also may lead to fever in some people. The entire ordeal also leads to extreme fatigue around the body.

For most part, flu just needs to be managed, unless of course it aggravates or is accompanies with digestive problems, in which case you might require help of your general physician.

There is no cure to flu, your body will have to soldier through this period. However, there are things that you can do to improve your condition and promote ease with speedy recovery. Some helpful tips include:


Stuffy nose and clogged chest can be a great source of discomfort. Moreover, they also make breathing the challenge. To clear the airway, the body then kicks in its coughing reflux, which adds on to the problems.

For in such situations, decongestants can help. They help in softening the mucus so that it becomes thinner is consistency, thereby making it easier for the body to pass it along.


Fever, digestive problems, runny nose can all drain your body’s water reserves. Rather than adding dehydration to the mix and aggravating your symptoms, make sure to drink plenty of water. Refrain from sweet beverages, as sugar promotes inflammation.

You can also take bland soups, broth, and herbal teas to help in improving your flu symptoms.


A good diet helps your body in recovery. Therefore, make sure to take plenty of fruits and vegetables that are packed with nutrients that fortify your body. Conversely, poor diet, especially during flu, can exacerbate your condition.

A common issue during ailments is the lack of appetite. However, if you do not eat well, your body will not have energy to fend off the virus. Hence, try to fit in small but frequent meals.


Dry air can make the symptoms of flu worse. It dries out the nasal and air passageways, that exacerbates the condition of the person undergoing flu. Humidifiers can help against this problem; they introduce moisture to the air and therefore help with congestion and dry coughing.


There are many over-the-counter medicines that you can take for relief against the flu symptoms. People suffering from flu might need ibuprofen. Similarly, those with dry cough might require help from cough suppressants, that block the reflux to cough.

Likewise, cough expectorants can also help in case of productive cough.


Your body is undergoing a lot; the toll of the flu, dealing with its symptoms, the fatigue that it causes, so, do not push your body further. Give it its due rest, so that it is able to recover well from the bout of flu.

Alongside taking a break from work and chores around the house, get sufficient sleep. It will help your body in recovering better. 


Steam is also effective for improving the symptoms of flu. It helps in soothing the sore throat. Your muscles also get tired from the constant coughing, so steam also helps with sore muscles as well.

You can either fill your bathroom with steam or use a steamer. Just be very careful as to not burn your skin.

Antiviral medication

Antiviral medicines attack the influenza virus and help in decreasing the disease period. They are generally recommended for people who are at risk of developing flu-induced complications like pneumonia.

These medicines should not be taken of your own accord; antivirals are prescription drugs so you should consult the Best General Physician in Islamabad and take the drugs upon their advice.

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