3 Layers corrugation to secure cell phone packaging while shipping

cell phone packaging

Cell phone Packaging can come in different shapes and sizes and be manufactured using other materials. Usually, mobile phone packaging has different sections for different items. For example, a standard box has separate parts for mobile phones, chargers, headsets, and other accessories. Furthermore, you can add various aspects to enhance the protection factor. For instance, you can use a unique filter to offer maximum UV protection. Moreover, you can add more cardboard layers to the basic cardboard layer for extra strength and long-lasting protection. Designing exclusive packaging for cell phones is the best way to get customers attracted to buying this expensive item.

How protective is cell phone packaging?

For manufacturing Cell phone Packaging, you can use different materials, but cardboard is the most popular out of all of them. It is strong and offers excellent protection. Mobile phones are fragile and can easily get damaged, but cardboard packaging ensures that they stay safe until they reach consumers’ hands. Packaging something delicate like a mobile phone can be a daunting task because a suitable display is also required. Hence, the packaging is always designed to balance both production and security. The exhibition is critical for attracting consumers because it is a proven way of getting them to spend their money.

The year 2020 has brought many new things. It has also introduced fresh ideas related to cell phone packaging during shipping. Read on to learn the 3 most unique and efficient packaging styles that can be most effective for the safe shipping of your mobiles.

Sleeve cell phone packaging Box

The sleeve box is perhaps the most used Mobile phone packaging box in the industry. Every phone company has used it somewhere in their shipment process. Several successful, well-reputed brands continue to use it and get rewards from this design. Many factors make it stand out from other boxes, and security is one. Sleeve boxes come with a double layer. One layer is of the box, and the other is of the sleeve that can be moved back and forth. As a result, the sleeve is locked firmly and does not affect movement during shipping. The double layer of a sleeve box also protects it from the pressures of other boxes being shipped alongside it.

The cardboard used to manufacture these boxes is affordable and strong. It has proven to be the perfect material for shipping cellphones. Today, several brands ship their phones in cardboard sleeve boxes because they are safe and secure. Phones are usually considered luxury items, and sleeve boxes are the most suitable packaging type for such items. They protect phones from moisture, excessive temperatures, and external shocks.

Box with overlapping tabs

This is another popular option for cell phone packaging boxes. The design of this box is simple. It has two slotted openings at both ends while other sides are firmly sealed and do not open. These slotted openings are designed so that you can open them easily. But they are also firm enough not to spread when pressure is applied to them from all corners during shipping. This perfect balance of ease-of-use and firmness makes them an excellent choice for phone packaging.

The design of these boxes is usually square or rectangular, which is an ideal shape for shipping. However, phones are delicate with some fragile components such as the screen. Hence, fragility is an important consideration when overlapping boxes are manufactured. There is also an option for making this box suitable for slotting. The box is designed in a large size and vertical shape. This allows several phones to be stacked over one another. The size of the box is manufactured according to the product that will be packaged inside of it; this is why the products remain intact when shipped out in them.

The slotted cell phone box has only one opening side. All other sides are sealed for maximum protection and durability. Similarly, if one layer of the manufacturing material is not enough, you can add more layers to the box for added safety. This flexibility makes it such a popular design for shipping phones.

Square cell phone packaging Box with inside Lock

Locks, generally, have been known to secure things properly. The same principle applies to this phone case box. As a result, it has steadily gained popularity and cemented its place in the shipment industry. It is mainly used for packaging and shipping single items smaller or medium in size. For protection, usually, an additional lock is added. This other lock gives the box optimal levels of safety and security.

Usually, glue or tape is not required at all when using it. The box has several locks on one end while you cannot open the other ends. The locks are given the shapes of tabs that you can lock in place. On the other hand, it is also easy to open them up when required. When every lock is in its place, the additional safety comes down from the top and secures the shipment ultimately.

Die Cutting and Various Customizations

A modification to this box is using a single piece of cardboard. This piece is die-cut and turned into a box with a thick bottom. The top part is made into a giant lock that comes down and works as a seal. The strong base makes this box an excellent choice for shipping delicate items such as mobile phones.

These are some of the best shipping companies’ best designs for phone case packaging. All of them have certain benefits that make them unique. Their usage is diverse. You can use them to package either a single phone or many phones at once. The flexibility in usage, strength, and durability makes them an excellent option for any cell phone company.

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