Can Motion Graphics Elevate Your Business?

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Have you ever noticed how emotionally and mentally engaged you are when watching motion graphics explainer videos?

Motion graphics are a combination of various content formats that capture viewers’ attention and simplify the delivered message in order to add value to viewers and encourage them to perform desired conversions.

Today, video accounts for 80 percent of all content consumed, and using video marketing allows businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition by creating appealing, engaging content that drives more and more conversions. 

When creating motion graphics explainer videos, various techniques and technologies such as 2D and 3D animation, 360-degree videos, AR and VR experiences, and traditional hand drawing techniques can be used to create appealing content that delivers the desired results.

Let’s study some advantages motion graphics explainer videos offer to businesses:

The uses and benefits of using motion graphics are only limited by your imagination and the skills and experiences you have in producing professional motion graphics content appropriate for the campaign goals, chosen platforms, and targeted audience.

1. Powerful Branding Solution

Using effective branding solutions, you can create a positive image in the minds of your target audience about your brand and associated products and services.

Motion graphics explainer videos have proven their effectiveness as a branding solution. Because they effectively capture the attention of audiences in a world of limited attention spans, and engage them emotionally, and mentally with your brand message.

2. Simplifying Difficult Topics

One of the primary benefits of using motion graphics explainer videos is that you can simplify complex ideas and topics for viewers and add the expected value with engaging visuals that can be consumed in a minute or two rather than writing a lengthy blog post that takes up more valuable time.

3. Highly Engaging Content

Video marketing content receives 12 times the engagement of other types of content published online on social media platforms in terms of comments and shares from active social media users on various social media channels, regardless of the demographics or interests of active users.

Your business message can go viral through engaging motion graphics explainer videos that are easily consumed by the audience within seconds with no need to waste effort or time with a simplified message with outstanding presentation and the inclusion of content elements.

4. Multi-Sensory Experimentation

The targeted audiences differ based on their preferred content format and how they prefer to receive information, whether it is through detailed text content, audio content, an infographic, or a video.

As previously stated, motion graphics explainer videos are a “multi-sensory experience” of different content formats that allow you to address different audiences and increase engagement and added value with their favorite content format included.

5. Time and Cost-Effective

Graphic designs and illustrations are effective marketing solutions that increase engagement and drive desired conversions from targeted audiences on platforms chosen to publish content.

Motion graphics explainer videos are made up of designs, illustrations, and audio content, and they have a higher conversion rate than other content marketing formats, as well as a higher ROI when combined with a highly persuasive marketing solution.

6. Adaptable to a Variety of Platforms and Goals

Regardless of the platform used to publish the content, motion graphics explainer videos are adaptable and effective for a variety of marketing, advertising, and branding objectives and platforms with a variety of formats available to produce, such as:

  • Goods and Services Videos for Promotion
  • Presentations for Business and Sales
  • Events for Marketing and Branding
  • Advertisements, both traditional and online
  • Content for Social Media (All Platforms)
  • Campaigns for Email Marketing
  • Educational and illustrative videos (How-to Tutorials)
  • Product Evaluations and Testimonials
  • Videos with Brand and Company Information

There is an endless pool of opportunities to take advantage of with customized professional motion graphics content, and the decision to start creating and integrating motion graphics content in your business marketing campaigns is entirely up to you, but hurry up to avoid missing out on profitable business opportunities.

7. Enhances SEO performance

Engaging motion graphics explainer videos embedded on business and e-commerce platforms significantly increase dwell time (the amount of time a user spends on your website), increase average visited pages per session by 260 percent, and reduce bounce rate.

All of the benefits mentioned above are positive indicators for search engines about the quality of your website’s content and user experience, which improves the overall performance of search engine optimization (SEO) activities.

The Bottom Line

It’s clear how much value motion graphics explainer videos can add to your business, but before you choose a suitable type of motion graphics content, you should define your business goals out of the produced content and targeted audience. Then, you can create something that entertains the customers’ demands.

You can do that perfectly when you hire a vendor that has a reputation for garnering the best motion graphics explainer videos like Video Explainers. Schedule an appointment to get started and witness your business sales spike.

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