Best Roomba Alternatives of 2022: All You Need to Know


If you’re ever looking for the Best Roomba Alternatives, you’ve come to the right place.

But before knowing what the Best Roomba Alternatives are, you’ll have to learn more about the Roomba brand, what do we search for in the best Roomba alternatives, and more.

I’ve conducted extensive research on more than 10 robotic vacuums you can find on the market in 2022, to give you this article with the best options.

To make matters easier, eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S is the best Roomba alternative in 2022.

You can easily say it’s the “whole package” in one vacuum for your best Roomba alternative.

In that department, we have more brands to shed light on, including Ecovacs, ILIFE, Neato, bObSweep, Roborock.

Why Do You Need a Robot Vacuum instead of a Traditional Vacuum?

Although Robot vacuums can’t reach areas like curtains or upholstery, there is no doubt that there are good quality robot vacuums in the market that do an effective job of cleaning your floors.

Traditional vacuums can be heavy, using them may feel like a workout of sorts, cleaning them could feel like entering a beehive, but Robot Vacuums solved all those encounters.

Additionally, Robot vacuums can last a bit longer than traditional vacuums, depending on other factors of course.

Lightweight, efficient, time-saving, effortless, and using superb technology, those are the exceptional types of experiences that you’ll enjoy when obtaining a robot vacuum, in comparison to traditional vacuums.

What to Search for in the Best Roomba Alternative?

in order to pick the best Roomba alternative, you should consider looking for certain criteria to make sure they fit the category perfectly, and that includes:

  • Mainly Lower in Price
  • Advanced Navigation Systems
  • From Reputable Brands
  • Useful on Multiple Surfaces
  • Produces Little Noise
  • HEPA Filtration System
  • Large Dustbin Capacity

Those are the main features you’d want to search for in the best Roomba Alternatives, but there are still other features to seek if you’re looking to find a great alternative to a very expensive Roomba.

For instance, it’s always better to have your Roomba alternative come up with Intelligent connections to systems like Alexa & Google Assistant.

Having robot vacuums that run for longer than the average Roomba model can run is always better for the overall experience when obtaining a Roomba alternative.

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The Pros and Cons of eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S


* Powerful and effective: When you face cheap devices anywhere in your search for high-tech-based machines, it’s common to think that a cheaper machine means a less effective or powerful one, with RoboVac 11S, it’s not.

* Extremely Quiet: Take another look at the featured image of this device, it’ll literally operate beside a sleeping baby, that’s how quiet the eufy RoboVac 11S can be. While surfing through tens of user reviews online, a handful of users who obtained the vacuum affirmed that you’ll barely notice it running even when you’re in the same room with it.

* Affordable: I managed to revolve this list around the most affordable alternative to Roomba, and eufy’s 11S is as affordable as you’d like it to be. Eufy RoboVac 11S comes at nearly a quarter of iRobot Roomba S9+’s price, that’s how low its price has reached.


* Average dustbin size: Being an affordable robot vacuum means sacrificing some small parts of the device, not entirely, but partially, and the eufy sacrificed part of its dustbin size. Normally, you’d want a dustbin that has more space, so it doesn’t get filled up so fast. However, eufy RoboVac 11S only has the size of 1.5 cups for its dustbin (0.6L), which is considered average at best.

* Decent Power Time: By power time we mean the duration of the cleaning session before the vacuum runs out of power. For the eufy 11S, it can last up to 100 minutes at low power, and only 49 at high power. This can only be considered decent, as you’d want it to operate for a longer time if you have bigger rooms.

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