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As a student, you have to write down plenty of assignments. Those essays also differ, such as argumentative and analytical essays. You require different skill sets for different kinds of essays, for example, using metaphorical language in a personal essay to make it sound vital or on the other hand; there is a requirement of thinking critically for varied problems for reaching a conclusion in an analytical essay. The essays are of different format, structure and length, too, some get completed in just a few paragraphs and others stretch over a number of pages. 

Learn about these types of essays and end your confusion between the different types by understanding how they differ from each other, how are they the same and the various ways of writing them.

The Four Main Types of Writing 

  1. Persuasive Essay 
  2. Narrative Essay
  3. Descriptive Essay
  4. Expository Essay

The above-mentioned four types are not the specific types but four definite techniques for communicating the theme of an essay. 

Gaining knowledge and understanding of these four main types of essay writing will help you write the essay in a better way. While reading an essay, try to spot which kind of writing the writer uses in it by inspecting the tone, theme, and words used in the essay. By doing so, you can examine an essay more deeply and then later write down an excellent essay yourself that will be based on those insights. 

Types of Essays

  1. Personal Essay: Write down personal essays on the things which affect you personally. It can be anything such as a situation you are going through nowadays, circumstances that shaped you into the human being you are today, an event or consequence from the past, etc. 

Write it by using narrative writing techniques. Although you can also write it using descriptive or expository techniques, but it depends on the theme and the content of the essay. 

  • Political Essays: I hope that you remember about the essays you read in your history classes. Those were some of the most prominent political essays. These are a piece of writing written by renowned contemporary and historical thinkers who discussed society and the way it should be governed. Some of the eminent political essayist’s you would have read about in your classes comprises Jawn Rawls, Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

In a political essay, the writer comments about the prevailing circumstances or situations and then suggests solutions for the same by stating examples of related solutions or circumstances from history. A political essay mainly falls in the category of persuasive or expository writing. 

  • Compare and Contrast Essay:  In the compare and contrast essays, the writer reveals essential similarities and differences between the two subjects by comparing them. 

The students might be asked to compare the historical figures studied, the two of your favourite novels, two concepts your professor covered, etc. In fact, you may even be asked to compare three or more subjects in some cases. But the compare and contrast essays mostly involve comparing two issues. 

Compare and contrast essays are generally the pieces of expository writing type because the differentiation exposes the theme of the essay that the writer makes. 

  • College/ University Application Essays: The other name of the university application essays is a personal statement. It is called so because it highlights the experiences and personality traits that can make you justify that you are an appropriate candidate for the university or college you are applying for. These essays are judged beside the documentation of the high school for getting admission to the college.  

This essay is written for giving feedback on certain prompts. These prompts are formulated for helping the students applying in the universities write down compelling and engaging personal essays by requesting them to answer numerous related points. 

  • Analytical Essays:It is a type of essay which teaches the fundamental components of the subject at hand and reaches a conclusion by rigorously operating across these components. You can write an analytical essay about the presentation of ideas in a political essay or the theme of a novel. These essays are pieces of expository writing; the aim of these essays is to showcase the facts of interpreting content.  

In this essay, the writer does not convince the readers for taking a certain position. Instead, the writer showcases a work such as a short story or movie and examines the theme of it by talking about the work in which the theme communicates. For example, you can write down an analytical essay on how a film conveyed its theme of love. 

  • Argumentative Essays: As you can grasp from the name of this essay, it involves arguments or arguing. You specifically say in favour or against a given topic. 

The appropriately written argumentative essays do not depend upon emotional appeal. Instead, it convinces the readers about their point of view by using specific facts, logic and statistics. Most of the time, argumentative essays are a piece of persuasive writing. 

  • Humorous Essays:  As its name suggests, this type of essay signifies entertaining the readers and prompting laughs. A humorous essay can be about a personal incident where you write about a funny event that occurred in your life. Still, you can also write it as a political essay that uses sarcasm for commenting or explaining current situations or events. A humorous essay contains some type of funny or humorous event.

This essay also uses the same techniques that the other essays use; you can write it using narrative writing styles such as metaphors and descriptive language. A humorous essay is often a piece of descriptive writing which uses irrelevant, whimsical or hyperbolic language for explaining the funny pointers of the subject taken.  

Reading the whole content mentioned above will help you in being an essay typer of essays. This blog helped you gain complete knowledge and understanding of the different types of essays. 

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