Spray Foam Insulation for Your Home

When it comes to your home’s insulation system, several things may go wrong, leading to poor energy utilisation. Your house may have voids or areas which lack insulation, which may be a safety requirement, but can lead to heat transfer. Movement of air pockets can slow insulation, and compression can terminate air pockets altogether, affecting insulation efficiency. Moisture attacks the R-value, which then causes voids and compression. Well-insulated industrial properties can offer more weather-protected storage space for those seeking storage solutions. Isothane can provide you with products made from polyurethane which can be installed as spray foams or injected foams, depending on your requirements, with state-of-the-art machinery.

Spray foam insulation is a composite material created by combining foam ingredients. When sprayed with a unique applicator, the interaction of materials within produces a foam solution that dries to form an air and vapour barrier. Originally on spraying, it is liquid and, later, solidifies into a water-resistant and airtight insulation layer.

Spray Foam Provides an Edge over Other Alternatives

Spray foam insulation comes with a spectrum of applications and benefits, whether you require insulating walls, floors or ceilings. Wide-ranging applications to fill gaps and crevices in existing buildings, minimising draughts and heat loss by forming a layer of insulation and conserving energy.

Improved energy efficiency: Insulation with spray foam is a good investment for any residential or commercial property owner seeking to boost their property’s energy efficiency by eliminating air leaks and heat loss.

Significant Noise Reduction: Insulating with spray foam forms a sound-absorbing layer and a practical approach to reducing noise levels to make for a more comforting environment.

Enhancing Building Strength: spray foam provides an effective method for increasing structural safety and stability. It makes a strong bond with the surface material, reducing the likelihood of breaking under stress. Furthermore, spray foam can seal cracks and gaps, lowering the risk of damage. Our products come with added benefits during the application and installation process.

Long Lasting Investment: Spray foam can endure for decades, often the structure’s lifecycle, without needing to be changed, making it an extremely cost-effective and minimal maintenance investment.

Good for the environment: In addition to its thermal efficiency, spray foam is a sustainable fix as it contains no hazardous chemicals or Volatile Organic Compounds.

Barrier against Moisture: Spray foam becomes a barrier that keeps moisture from entering a property or developing inside voids, aiding in the prevention of mould growth and temperature regulation.

Controls air quality indoors: Insulation with open-cell spray foam restricts dust and allergens, resulting in better indoor air quality on your premises.

Ask the Experts to Choose a Product for Your Requirements

Choosing a product requires professional advice and depends on which areas you want to be insulated, which property type and for which industrial or domestic use. For instance, we can offer several spray foam products, but Duratherm is an excellent choice for heavy rainfall-receiving areas. Agrispray is a popular choice among our clients in insulating industrial buildings, providing outstanding structural stabilisation. Isothane WBF is widely used in commercial sectors to reduce air leakage and sound deadening between floors. Our technical team at Isothane can recommend optimum installers for the most promising results.

Why Go For Us

Isothane.com is a leading innovator and manufacturer of polyurethane technology for application in thermal insulation, rigid foam products and waterproofing. Our products have earned a reputation for being dependable and superior formulations applicable to a wide range of requirements in the industry. We are committed to practising quality control and adapting to changing technologies to serve continually diversifying markets. Strategic partnerships with companies have helped us achieve technological advancements stationing us at the forefront of the industry. The numerous professional accreditations we have received are self-explanatory about the highest quality standards we continue to offer. Contact our technical team to discuss your domestic or commercial insulation needs today.

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