A Guide To Baby Circumcision


If you are planning to circumcise your baby boy, you might be worried about the process itself. You also got tons of questions regarding how you can take care of your baby after the circumcision.

You can rest assured that your baby’s penis isn’t as fragile as it appears and the circumcision process is not as painful as you think.
This is what you need to remember about circumcision for newborns, including the method of circumcision and how you can take care of your infant and the diaper area following the procedure.

How is Baby Circumcision Done?

The process of baby circumcision usually takes only a few minutes. At the hospital a circumcision specialist will use a specific tool (usually a clamp type) on the penis, and then cut off the foreskin using a scalpel.
During the circumcision child awake however, if they’re treated with a local anesthetic like a numbing cream, or an injection of anesthetic they’ll not feel the pain as much. The doctor may also use a water dipped ice cube in order to soothe a child.
Once the foreskin is removed, the doctor will then apply some antibiotic or petroleum jelly to the area from which the foreskin is cut apart. Then the surgeon covers the penis in gauze to prevent it’s sticking with the diaper.
If you have any concerns about the procedure, for example, the types of pain medications your baby will be receiving Ask the circumcision doctor. You may also request to stay in the room during the procedure.

Post Circumcision Care

It’s likely to take between 7-10 days for the penis to heal after being circumcised. In the meantime it is necessary to follow circumcision after care steps:

Change of Diaper

As mentioned earlier, after the circumcision doctor applies a gauze dressing over the penis and this dressing will be replaced with each diaper change. There is no specific limit to the number of diapers but change of twice per day is suggested. Moreover you are advised that you must wash and clean the area with hot water. Also avoid the use of commercial wipes.

Bathing of Circumcised Baby

Post circumcision bathing of your baby depends on his umbilical cord. If the cord is present after the circumcision then give him a sponge bath. Clean the penis gently with soap and water up to 4 times daily until the ring is removed and the penis heals. If the umbilical cord of your baby has been ripped off, give your baby a bath daily starting in the morning following surgery and continue until the ring falls off.
Post Circumcision Medication
The circumcision pro might advise you to apply Vaseline or ointments for antibiotics on the tips of the penis at every diaper change until the ring disappears.


Circumcision is a small surgery in which a surgeon removes the skin that covers the head of your penis. Baby circumcision has been carried out for many years, and it is generally safe as compared to teen or adult circumcision.
Keep in mind that circumcising your baby is a personal choice but circumcision has many research proven benefits.
If you have any questions regarding circumcision, then reach out to a specialist of baby circumcision who can provide information on the advantages and potential dangers.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Best Age for a Baby Circumcision?

Circumcision between the ages of 7, 8 or 9 days, is considered as the best time for circumcision. We’d have to agree that this is the best time to perform circumcision using traditional methods, where bleeding and inadequate healing were serious complications. Delaying circumcision can increase the chance of developing these issues.

How Long Will Circumcision Hurt a Child?

The pain will usually improve within three or four days. It can persist for as long as two weeks. While your baby’s genitals are likely to begin feeling better after three or four days, it could look worse. The penis will usually appear to be getting better within 7-10 days.

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