Are you suffering from Piles – 5 Reasons You Should Never avoid

5 Reasons You Should Never avoid

As a surgeon, I was asked to write a post on the most prevalent health issues my patients bring up. My immediate response is…Piles! You wouldn’t believe it, but about 40-50 percent of patients that come to me have the ’embarrassing’ issue. While I believe that there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about any illness, truthfully speaking, as a female, I might have considered consulting with a male doctor about something like this should I have been being affected by something similar. In this article, I’ll focus on the reasons why it’s always recommended to seek prompt assistance from a professional rather than spending time worrying about and hiding and hoping that it will improve by itself.

Here are 5 reasons to never conceal Piles:

1. The piles you believe you see might not actually be piles.

“Piles” is now an umbrella term to describe all issues that are related to the perianal area which is the area where we move. Based on the symptoms and the results of your examination it is possible that you suffer from hemorrhoids or fissures and fistula, perianal abscess, or rectal prolapse. These are all completely distinct illnesses that require different treatment.

When you see your physician, make sure to inform the Piles doctor in Kolkata about the symptoms you experience, which are different for each of these ailments.

If you’re suffering from bleeding during motions with no or little pain it is likely that you are suffering from hemorrhoids. They are blood vessels that have dilated within the anal region.

If you experience severe, unbearable burning pain that is unbearable when you move your body without any or minimal bleeding, then you are suffering from an injury called a fissure.

If you experience severe pain, swelling, and a high fever, it could be that you are suffering from an abscess in the perianal region.

2. An examination thorough is required prior to starting any medication.

I see patients who have completed a number of programs of different OTC medications for ‘piles’ but with no benefit. I frequently ask them if they had their health checked prior to beginning the widely available medications. The answer is typically a ‘No’! As long as we do not know what issue we’re dealing with, how should be able to treat it?

3. Most perianal disorders can be addressed with the right medications.

A minor issue such as a hemorrhoid or a fissure could respond well to medications when they are detected and dealt with properly. Diet plays a significant part too. The majority of patients who visit me are on the wrong diet. Foods should contain an abundance of fiber that is present in vegetables, salads, and fruits. Foods that contain fiber are roughage-rich and create motions that are soft and fluid. The spicy and oily food can make motions difficult. With the right diet chart and lifestyle adjustments, most surgeries can be avoided.

4. The procedure for treating piles is safe and efficient.

Surgery is reserved in cases where patients are not responding to medications. If you are in need of Piles surgery in Kolkata, it’s an outpatient procedure for the majority of complications of the perianal. Stapler hemorrhoidectomy is a highly advanced procedure that is completely non-invasive, painless, and satisfying for patients with just one day of hospitalization. It is possible to have your procedure done over the weekend and return to work on Monday!

5. You think you have the result of cancer, perhaps piles.

It is not my intention to scare you However, it is true that an early form of cancer can manifest as a bleeding tumor per rectum. Therefore, it is advised that a thorough and gentle exam of the rectal is conducted by your Piles Specialist Doctor to confirm the absence of cancer. Even if it’s cancer, the sooner we tackle this, the more favorable the outcomes. As it is said, a stitch in time can save nine stitches in time!

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