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A pair of Pakistani sandals often referred to as Pakistani jutti, are traditional footwear worn by both women and men in India until the 19th century, when they were replaced by modern footwear such as shoes and boots. Today, these sandals are no longer considered formal footwear. But they are still widely worn worldwide in South Asia and diaspora communities for special occasions such as weddings, parties, and even business events. In this article, we will discuss whether they can be worn with a formal dress or not.

Are Pakistani Sandals formal?

The answer to the question is it depends. It depends on where you are. In a Western country, Pakistani Sandals would be considered informal footwear. In Pakistan, however, they are often worn as formal attire. There’s not one set standard for what constitutes formal or informal attire across all cultures.

A shoe is considered formal if it can be worn with a suit or other business attire. A shoe that is too casual, like a tennis shoe or flip-flop, would not typically be considered formal. Shoes for women are usually dressier than those for men, but that does not mean that a man cannot wear something dressier than a woman.


These sandals are a popular shoe style in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh that have been worn for generations. Similar to flip-flops, they’re made of leather and rubber with a typically flat sole or slightly arch support. They can come in different colors and patterns, but most often, they’re Black, Red, or brown. For women, sandals are often worn with a salwar kameez or sari. Men sometimes wear them with an ethnic shalwar kameez.

They are usually made from leather or suede, though they can also be made from cotton or wool. The uppers are often decorated with embroidery or sequins. They can have thick soles to help keep the wearer’s feet warm during cold weather.

How are they made?

They are usually made of leather or jute and have thick soles. They can be worn with just about anything, but they’re most often worn with traditional clothes like Shalwar Kameez. They’re not suitable for wearing during rain because they will get soaked. For many people living in Pakistan, sandals are an essential part of their wardrobe.

When to wear?

Pakistani sandals are the perfect shoe to wear at a wedding or any other event where you want to be comfortable but still look your best. They are typically made of leather and have buckle straps that can be adjusted for tightness. To style them, pair them with a silk dress and either pumps or slacks. If you’re wearing pants, ensure they’re not too tight to slip the shoes on and off easily.

They are great for all seasons, so that they can be worn with summer and winter outfits. They’re lightweight and easy to walk in, and they don’t have heels like most dress shoes. These are the perfect shoes for you if you’re wearing a long-sleeved outfit that doesn’t show your feet.

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