Am I Better Off Getting An Online Bike Fit?

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With the pandemic still a major problem, and it being a good idea to avoid brick-and-mortar locations and in-person congregation whenever possible, you probably hear a lot of bike enthusiasts telling you that a traditional road bike fitting is probably best avoided. Taking your bike in, getting weighed and measured, talking in person with someone and having your bike modified by professionals is much easier, but is probably best avoided right now.

How, however, does an online bike fit work, and does it actually bring any benefits beyond avoiding in-person encounters, to make it at least have a silver lining? Well, if you are lazy, the answer is no, it is objectively worse because you have to do most of the work yourself. You have to modify, install components, etc. all on your own, though that doesn’t mean you can’t have guidance from professionals while doing so.

Those who find it easier to just have a professional measure and weigh them, and to ask them questions about their environment and plans for the bike may also find having to fill this information out themselves as well as acquire said information to also be an inconvenience.

That said, there is a benefit to those who are very serious about writing their bike. Like any instrument, knowing your bike inside and out will make you more at one with it when using it. You will be better on your bike, you will more enjoy your biking experience and you will get a better exercise experience out of it as well. If you are trying to compete with your bike even on an amateur scale, you really should know your bike inside and out like this as well. The best way to do this is to have to learn by doing, and if you get an online bike fit, while guidance will be provided when needed, you will learn how your bike functions on a granular level by doing the tweaks, modifications or even building the thing yourself.

There exist a plethora of videos on sites like YouTube or how to do these modifications, but if you go with the right service, a professional will talk to you directly over the Internet and talk you through what you need to do. You will still have the same personal touch and direct learning experience you would get from visiting a shop, but you will be safely removed and you will be doing the work yourself and learning a lot about your bike in the process.

Don’t let the idea of an online bike fit intimidate you, the information you have to provide is no more intricate than what you get when dealing directly with someone in person for a road bike fitting. However, since you have to do the necessary modifications and installations yourself, you will just become a professional with your bike yourself and be a better bike rider as a result. You will also appreciate your bike more, because a PC your soul went into its creation and current configuration!

Bio – Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching, Est. 2014, is owned and run by Matthew Bottrill. 

Winner of multiple National Championships, holder of competition records and many more accolades to his name Matt has focused the last year on developing MBPC and beginning to coach some of the worlds top athletes on a range of stages. 

As part of this Matt transitioned from the world of Time Trialling into Triathlon in 2017 and progressed to multiple Age group and Overall wins. This learning process, along with taking on board specialist Triathlon coaches, has enabled MBPC to transform the cycling within many athletes in Triathlon.

Now coaching some of the best Triathletes in the world, including the likes of Tim Don, Will Clarke, Rachel Joyce and Susie Cheetham, Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching is taking the Tri market by storm. 

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