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If you have been in construction field or you have ever seen a site of a building getting constructed,  you may be having an idea about this scaffolding. Actually, this term scaffolding is mostly for the temporary structure that gets used to support the concrete formwork or more commonly for supporting the workingmen during the overall procedure of construction of plastering, brickwork, and painting or regeneration or repainting of structures, and more.

Not to forget that this comes under safety regulations on the sites of the construction, and standards have been properly prescribed for its layout as well as usage. You can even use a scaffolding exchange in Visakhapatnam option to ensure that you have a smooth scaffolding for your construction site. Remember that scaffolding gets constructed around the margin of the building, and in multistorey buildings, it needs to be assembled to quite large heights.

Nearly about thirty-fiveto forty percent of all the accidents that actually take place in building construction sites is because of faulty scaffolding and resulting fall of persons from heights. Hence, there has to be strict supervision that is taken in putting up of scaffolding as per standard practices. Here has a look at some of the commonest types of scaffolding:

Single scaffolding or bricklayers scaffolding

This kind of scaffolding mostly get used for brickwork as well as consists of an outer row of verticals (known as standards) to which longitudinal members get tied at diverse levels of working . remember that the cross members (putlogs) get tied to the standards at the outer edge or end and rest on the walls getting built inside. The platform gets carried on the putlogs.

In case the level of the putlog coincides with an opening in the wall, it cannot just get placed on the wall. Hence, it must rest on a cross piece (known as bridle tube) tied at the wall end of the head-to-head putlogs. Remember that the cross bracing within the vertical planes between the verticals are even to be introduced for adjacent stability.

Though the verticals posts cannot simply get placed on base plates or in holes formed up in the ground, it must be suitably placed and braced for overall lateral stability.A well-known method in such cases is to simply place the vertical post in a steel barrel of sixty cm in height and of appropriate diameter filled with compacted earth.

Double scaffolding or even Mason’s scaffolding

It is kind of a supporting system used by masons for overall plastering. It has duos of (inner as well as outer) verticals. The putlogs, rather than being supported on the wall, are reinforced on an inner system of verticals as well as longitudinal.To ensure additional lateral stability to the overall narrow and tall framework, it gets tied to the building at intervals once used for multistorey building.

Needle or Cantilever scaffolding

For the proper construction of the upper part of a tall type of residential building, cantilever scaffolding removes any sort of unwanted scaffolding at lower levels keeping the proper space free for vehicles, and more on. It is somewhat similar to the double scaffold, butone thing that is different is it is supported at the bottom by a cantilever type of prop.


to sum up, get yourself ashuttering exchange in Visakhapatnam and ensure that you use it in the right way. Of course, you can be sure that you have the perfect experience.

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