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Yahoo is the world’s second-largest search engine which is used by millions of users from different parts of the world. Since its inception, Yahoo has introduced several new features for its users which were loved by people very much. From the initial phase of its relaunch, it acquired more than 13 million customers and made them the top brand on Google in terms of monthly active users. The number of active users continues to soar from 300 million a year ago. This means that you can just imagine the huge amount of customers who are using the service. Some of these customers even live in every area of the country. In addition, there are thousands of businesses around the globe which use the platform daily.

The company began with one website (Yahoo Messenger) which was launched back in June 2007 but then later expanded it to numerous other websites. Each site offers similar services to Yahoo Messenger but with a unique design and experience. These extensions include voice and messaging and also chat rooms. By 2020, the number of people using Yahoo chat rooms grew up from 3.5 billion. It keeps going from one billion to four billion each month and many companies like Netflix and Spotify use this service. Here we have listed down some of the big names which use it.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is an instant messaging service available on all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Microsoft Edge, and macOS. The mobile version is available for free. Users can send short messages to their colleagues while chatting with others. They can also download the messenger when they want to use it on their devices.

The user can also add pictures and GIF files to the conversation. People can call/video chat others either via WhatsApp or any other media. A lot of brands have adopted the service including Coca Cola, Adidas, LG Electronics, Nestlé, Sony, Samsung, and many more. Not only Facebook, but many other tech companies too use and are currently launching their own versions too. Amongst those giants, some brands are still under development stage such as Snapchat, Zoom, Airbnb, Shopify and WhatsApp.

Yahoo Messenger also allows users to make video calls. There are various social apps like Discord and Skype which are also available to download in this platform. Apart from communication, Yahoo Messenger now allows users to access personal and professional profiles through desktop applications and webcams. Besides being the second most searched app on the internet, the service supports online shopping and banking. Also, if a person needs to set up a shop website, he can do it easily on his or her mobile phone using Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger has got a wide array of voice-based services including Whatsapp, Signal, Facetime, WebRTC, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, etc. Additionally, the company has developed several customised messaging apps which allow users to interact with one another. There are multiple options that companies now can choose from like Short Message Service (SMS), FaceTime and G Suite to talk to. More and more brands are trying out this concept to become a global presence. Moreover, the company also owns Kik, Messenger, SMSMe, and Tango which are well known. Currently, millions of companies across the globe are using the message service. But, here are some of the biggest names which are already embracing it.

Yahoo Voice & Messaging

Yahoo Messenger is the preferred choice of Apple and Facebook’s employees due to its easy implementation and availability which makes it highly accessible. However, the same cannot be said about Snapchat and WeChat. Although both these apps are becoming popular, Instagram has dominated the market. Other apps like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and even TikTok are also proving great service to its customers. So, users should always look for the best option when choosing a messaging service.

Yahoo Chat Rooms

Yahoo has been working on bringing in new ways of interacting with its users. With its latest feature ‘Chat Rooms’, the company aims at making its service to make the internet more interactive and fun to the users. And this is done by introducing interesting experiences for its users. A special group of individuals and businesses are currently getting involved and developing the chat rooms. Moreover, companies like SnapChat, Zoom, Slack, Bose, Airplane, Nokia, BlueJeans, Lyft, Osmo, etc. have also joined hands to offer better services and attract a massive audience.

In 2019, dozens of celebrities and personalities were involved in creating two chat rooms in different countries. This is seen through influencers like Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner, as well as Hollywood actors like Nicole Kidman, Ryan Phillippe, Tom Hanks, and Billy Crudup. Also, a few high profile organisations were involved including NASA, Twitter, Uber, Intel, IBM, and Facebook, among others. Nowadays, the popularity of chat room services increases rapidly. According to research firm Statista, this sector has created an estimated $27.1b worldwide in revenue, and it is expected to reach $39.9b by 2023.


There is no doubt that Yahoo is a pioneer in providing instant messaging to the users. Besides that, it is also the market leader in voice-enabled services, voice-based services and many other features as per the above-stated. If you think you’re missing out on something cool, read our article and discover how to do it.

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