A photo studio at home: how to set it up easily

photo studio at home

Photography entered your life as a hobby, eventually becoming one of your great passions, so much so that now you want to devote yourself to it professionally. You still need to have your own studio. We give you here all the leads to easily set up a photo studio at home, with a small investment.

When you think of a photo studio, the first thing that comes to mind is that it must be expensive and look like a big room full of studio flashes and large softboxes that almost reach the ceiling. But nothing could be further from the truth…

Setting up a photo studio at home is very simple, provided you can count on essential accessories that can be folded for easy storage. And thus find your usual living room, whether it is your bedroom or your living room, once the studio has been tidied up.

Choose the photo discipline for a photo studio at home

The first thing to know is the photo discipline to be practiced in the photo studio. And it is true that depending on what you like, macro photography or portraiture, you will have to set up a photo studio at home rather than another.

Product photography requires very precise lighting and stabilization accessories, while for portrait photography, the use of diffusers and reflectors that enhance or connote the light on the subject, will be essential.

Choose your workspace

You probably have a room in your house where you accumulate unused or unused objects, a storage room or perhaps a garage or a basement. These fireplace pieces are perfect for setting up a photo studio at home, for very little money.

The more room you have to work with, the greater your room for maneuver in the work, which will prove especially useful for photographing full bodies, in particular.

On the other hand, if you take photos of babies in the living room, if you practice macro photography, product photography or close-ups, you will not need to occupy an entire room. With some of the space, that will be plenty.

Another element to take into account, before arranging an area to set up a photo studio at home, is the entry of natural light.

Natural light can always be a great ally and when you need it, all you have to do is draw the curtains or close the shutters. If you don’t have windows, you will need to use continuous lighting spotlights.

Find inspiration to take original photos at home

Now that you have the equipment and the space to set up your photo studio at home, all you have to do is find inspiration.

You can make macro photographs of objects in your home. And even if at first glance, they have nothing particularly attractive, you will see that by enlarging their details, you will undoubtedly discover real jewels. Find more inspiration here.

You can also do lightpaintings or produce the striking bokeh effect. Thanks to the photo studio at home, working like a professional has never been easier.

Dare to take the plunge, because setting up a photo studio at home does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money, using equipment that is already in your possession or making a small investment.

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