A Four Week Running Plan to get you Started

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Below we have a simple four-week running plan that could really help you get started. Whether you are running just to stay fit, to lose some pounds, or to race, a running plan, use of a running club app, heart rate monitors are all tools that can help you stay motivated and make improvements. You do not have to want to get faster and stronger because you want to beat people. It can be about bettering yourself too. It is important if you have certain health conditions or are especially unfit right now that you check in with your doctor first to make sure they approve your plans. They can check your blood pressure for example. It is important to note this is just a general 4-week program it is not designed specifically for any ability or fitness history.

Why running?

Running is a great exercise for all kinds of people. Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle you can lose weight, boost your endurance and fitness, improve energy levels, sleep better, deal with stress and more. It is perfect for everyone, of all ages, fitness levels and can be done inside and outside at all times of the year. You can find and use a running coach who can help you put together a better schedule and include things like stretching and other training to help prevent injuries. They can also advise you on things like running shoes, what surface you might prefer to run on, what races to consider, how to recover from injuries and more. It is not just about being faster.

A general 4-week running program to get started

If you do not have a running coach yet to help you this could get you going.

Week 1 – In the first week, you should aim to get out twice a week. The first run you want to be running for 30 minutes and you should feel like you are at about 60% of how hard you have to work. The second run should be for 45 mins also at 60% effort.  

Week 2 – The second week you will run three times. The first run for 45 minutes at an effort of 60 to 70%. The second run for 30 minutes at 60% apart from 5 minutes at 90% effort halfway through. The third run should be an hour-long at 60% effort but can be a mix of running and walking as you need to.  

Week 3 – This week has 4 runs. The first run is for 50 minutes at 60 to 70% of your max effort. The second run is 45 minutes long at 60% effort but halfway through insert 8 minutes of 80% effort. The third run is an hour at 60%. The last run is 30 minutes at 60% but in the middle do 5 of those minutes at 90%.  

Week 4 – This week has 5 runs altogether. The first run is 45 minutes long at 70% effort. The second run is 45 m minutes long at 60% effort with 10 minutes halfway through at 80% effort. The third run is 75 minutes of walking and running at 60% effort. The fourth run is at 60% effort for 45 minutes with a 5 min at 90% halfway through. The last run is an easy 30 minutes jog or walk.   

After these four weeks, you can turn to a coach or even join a running club and sign up for a running club app to get more training ideas.

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