6 Creative idea’s how to make corrugated boxes more attractive

Corrugated boxes

You are probably a retail brand that is keen to get the maximum out of their corrugated boxes. These high-strength packages perform phenomenally well in marketing and maximizing your sales funnel other than just protection matters. They play a pertinent role in the noticeability of the presented products. If there is no improvement in their design or aesthetic appeal, you are destined to get lost in the busy retail shelves. A lot of thinking needs to be put in for imparting a unique and attractive look to these packages. Here is a compilation of out-of-the-box ideas to simply get irresistible with your corrugated packages. 

Be the odd one out:

It is obvious that doing something unique always separates you from the rest and eliminates the risk of being identical. When going against the norm, you need to be extra careful because a wrong decision can fire back. Take a look around the retail shelves and identify the commonalities so as to stay far from them. Get your custom corrugated boxes modified in the novel structures that are unforeseen and create an absorbing effect. A good idea could be the addition of uniquely shaped handles at the top that close in the flaps for a perfect lock. This tactic is brilliant in keeping your packaging design in line with “convenience” standards while also looking exceptionally well. Rather than going for standard box shapes, think innovative and get the packages designed in unusual styles. Trying something innovative and breaking the rules always yield an added buzz that gets you noticed. 

Go seasonal:

There is surely a growing audience of consumers that loses interest in rote packaging designs. Becoming too predictable with your box design ruins all your efforts towards making a strong statement in product presentation. The expert design suggestion here is to get seasonal with your custom corrugated boxes. Keep an eye on the changing trends according to the festivity of the seasons. Introduce some limited editions that are harmonious to the ongoing holidays, events, and occasions to cut through the competition clutter. That could be done by the addition of some nice color schemes, crisp graphics, and pictorial illustrations in the design. Make sure your choices with these visual cues are spot on if you are to convince the target audience that you are different from others. 

Sneak a quick look:

The transparent designs are staples in the retail market to outsmart your competition with a mesmerizing product appeal. You can talk up about the value of having graphical portrayals in the box design. But, nothing appeals more than attractive die-cuts inducted on the forward-facing side of the corrugated packages. Make use of die-cut technology to precisely create some cutout patterns and substitute them with innovative PVC windows. These windows are transparent and act as the target for the clients’ eyeballs. If your competitors are also using this concept in their box design, you can try out some creatively shaped windows. Matching them with your logo pattern is an interesting approach that makes the design hard to ignore. What’s more, they introduce a see-through feature that gives a picture-perfect glimpse at the inside items to win you more attention. 

Tempting aesthetics:

The attractiveness of packaging is measured vis-à-vis its visual impact or, more precisely, the aesthetic appeal. To accomplish an ultimate aesthetic design, invest in the right kind of laminations and coatings. Gloss lamination is a remarkable choice that makes the printed artwork shine out more and catch the customers’ eyeballs. Go for matte lamination if your end goal is to highlight a particular area of the box and give it an instant appeal. These special films do not limit your corrugated packages to a spot on visual prominence only. But, they also introduce a newer dimension of the tactile impact that evokes some premium feels when the customers are interacting with your items. 

Self-explanatory design:

It’s really great if your packaging can convey what your product is, what it is made of, and what its proposed benefits are. It increases the attraction capacity of your packaging and makes it an outstanding choice for optimal product presentation. Print out your corrugated packages with stylish typography to explain the significance of inside items. Make sure then typography follows a minimalist theme to develop a perfect understanding and keep everything legible. The graphics should be crisp and high-resolution so as to grab the full attention of customers and influence them to take notice. 


The style of the corrugated packages says a lot about whether they would be attractive enough to make a statement or not. Restrain yourself from going with an ordinary box style since it is unable to cut through the competitive clutter. Get it designed in a custom sleeve box style that goes on to develop a positive perception among the onlookers. The sliding tray inside a sleeve makes the unboxing experience memorable and creates a perfect absorbing effect. 

The design of corrugated boxes should never be an afterthought because they are a too important marketing tool to ignore. There is a dire need to pay full attention to their design aspects because the apparent look is everything that matters. To accomplish ultimate attractiveness, prefer unusual approaches as they never disappoint in creating some absorbing effects on customers’ minds. Always try to prefer wholesale corrugated boxes supplies rather than retail as it enables you to save a lot of money. 

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