5 Theme Parks In Dubai That Add The Fun Factor To Your UAE Vacation with your family

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UAE bustles with massive theme parks, landmarks, and skyscrapers. The enchanting city of Dubai features a wide network of ring roads and malls. So if you are planning a trip to Dubai with family you will witness mind-bending futuristic architecture and the perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture. Bollywood Park Dubai is one such wonderfully designed place.

The places are perfect for the adventure lover who looks forward to exhilarating experiences.

If you are planning to visit Dubai on a family holiday you will be thrilled with the amount of fun it offers.

Starting from man-made architecture to the beauty of nature Dubai has a plethora of places that you must see during your holiday. Here we have shortlisted the five best theme parks for your trip.

Aquaventure Waterpark.

Aqua venture park is considered one of the largest parks in the entire Middle East and Europe, as the name itself suggests that one will get to venture the ultimate of aqua through mind-boggling water rides, waterslides, and crazy swimming pools. The fascinating and scary thing about this park is the water park offers a chance to swim with wild sharks, it is not just thrilling but the safest option to try something off-beat.

The mind-bending water slides in the park are encircled with ancient pyramid structures which is the theme of the park. Some Adrenaline-pumping rides here are based at a height of 90 to 75 feet above ground level, scenic vista from such a height isn’t enough to make your entire trip a memorable one?

Bollywood Park Dubai

Amidst Dubai’s skyscrapers and resorts sit Bollywood parks in Dubai, the world’s only replica of Bollywood based in Mumbai India. Featuring the incredible spirit of Bollywood. If you are someone who grew up seeing Bollywood movies and have a deep love for them, you will have a great time appreciating and plugging into the wonderful stars who come alive here. If not, you will surely learn about the intriguing details of this industry. The park is divided into five parts based on the biggest blockbuster at the box office. Witness the distant hues of Mumbai, chase the mafia boss Don via dark thrilling tunnels. View the popular model of an Indian village inspired by the film Lagaan and many more.

Legoland water park

Created by the world’s biggest toy manufacturers, Legoland is a huge family theme park based in Dubai, so if you are planning a trip to Dubai, you must consider exploring Legoland. If water isn’t your thing you will be glad to know that Legoland offers both a theme and a water park. The park has over 40 thrilling rides and slides that would accelerate your adrenaline to the next level. Apart from that, there are innovative spaces for kids to explore. They will adore the fun and excitement Legoland offers. Therefore, Legoland serves as a perfect family holiday in the warming heat of Dubai.

Dubai creek

Extended in the Persian Gulf Dubai creek is a saltwater reek it is a beautiful place to simply walk and have one of those deep conversations about life. If you are here with your family, go on a unique city exploration using water taxis or catch a dhow cruise to explore the stunning grandeur of Dubai. It is also known for sumptuous cuisines that the local restaurants offer, so don’t forget to drench your taste buds in the street food of the creek. There is nothing like the slightly chilly breeze of Dubai, creek golf yacht club is the place for the golf enthusiasts and lovers out there. Go shopping at old souks.

Dubai global village

If you are planning a holiday with family here is the place for you, Dubai global village features the cultural values of more than 90 countries worldwide. It is considered the world’s largest leisure, shopping, and entertainment space for tourists. People. The places also host the world’s biggest family entertainment events. People here also visit to witness the enchanting firework that blazes the sky with joy. Apart from that, you get a chance to take your taste buds on a tour of tasting zesty Delicias of the places. An array of pavilions is displayed where you can explore the diverse cultures of more than 90 countries worldwide. Isn’t this theme park offers a whole new ride of experience for your journey?

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