5 stereotypes about eco-packaging boxes that aren’t always true


Packaging is not merely a protective barrier for products as we think it to be. The advancements in printing and packaging technology are making the potential of packaging rise now. Eco-packaging boxes now being used in the market are ultimate to help businesses in all aspects of the product supply chain. These boxes are made with the sturdiest materials such as cardboard, Bux board, Kraft, and corrugated cardboard. The thickness of materials ranges from 10pt to 28pt depending upon the requirements of the products.

They are sturdy and keep all the risks of damage and contamination away from products in an ultimate way. Packaging is also perfect for helping businesses promote their products in the market. These boxes can be printed using digital, screen, and offset printing in CMYK and PMS graphics. A wide range of aesthetical finishes is also available, including foiling, embossing, and debossing options.

Packaging used for the products is beneficial in several different ways. It helps the businesses to both protect and promote products simultaneously and various benefits to win consumer trust. Eco-friendly packaging boxes are best as they can be custom-made in any desired shape and size and have endless printing options.

These boxes are also sustainable and recyclable to make new packaging. Businesses can use these boxes to promote their products in the market and minimize their carbon footprint. Various laminations can help you enrich the aesthetics of design.

The market audience is curious to know about new designs of packaging. Packaging advancements are helping businesses to come up with innovative box designs. The new designs, such as eco-friendly boxes, are perfect according to the product requirements. The demand for this design is thriving in the market as the potentials are endless.

However, there are also many stereotypes surrounding this packaging design that is not always true. The majority of consumers in the market are unaware of the potential of this design. They think these boxes are expensive and don’t serve all the functions well. In reality, this packaging design is perfect and helps businesses in bundles of innovative ways. These boxes are high in potential and serve in all aspects of the product supply chain.

Less durable:

One of the most common myths surrounding eco-friendly packaging is its durable nature. The majority of consumers think that sustainability compromises the protective nature of packaging. They think that sustainable packaging is never effective in protecting the products. As packaging is the primary protective barrier for the products, ensuring the use of functional design is essential.

The packaging is perfect as it keeps the risks of damage away from products. It is on the thickness of materials used to ensure the protection of products in a better way. These boxes are also introduced with PP and PE laminations to keep the contamination risks away from products.

High in cost:

Cost is one of the major factors for businesses as they are always looking for ways to cut spending. Product makers’ ultimate dream is to save money on packaging while getting the highest profits. The audience in the market thinks that sustainable designs of packaging are high in cost.

They associate the unique and recyclable nature of packaging with cost and consider the packaging to be expensive. It is not always true as wholesale supplies can purchase eco-friendly boxes at low rates. It is on the customization options and laminations to increase the packaging price. You can get packaging with minimal printing and save a lot of money while maintaining an aesthetical appeal.

Problems with availability:

Another stereotype related to the eco-friendly boxes in USA is their availability. The majority of the audience thinks that this packaging design is only available in the local market, and the options for customization are limited. In reality, the packaging is effortless to avail from all the needs as the demand is high.

You can easily find these boxes from packaging suppliers around your physical location. Several packaging suppliers are available online that can help you get top-quality packaging at the lowest rates. They also provide endless printing and customization options. Moreover, many businesses also offer free shipping for orders, and you can save a lot of money.

Boring in visuals due to sustainability:

The packaging visuals are essential to leave a lasting impact. It is on the visuals of packaging to leave the most effective impression on the minds of consumers. Many people in the market think that sustainability results in a poor visual appeal of packaging.

In reality, eco-friendly boxes are perfect as they can print with any desired graphics. The printing options available for packaging are ultimate and help the businesses hook consumers’ attention. These boxes can print with the highest-end pictures showcasing the branding theme of businesses. It helps to enrich visuals along with making the sales of businesses thrive. 

Standard in size:

All the products in the market are vulnerable to damaging and contaminating factors. Businesses must use custom-sized packaging to ensure the integrity of products in the best way. Many people in the market think that eco-friendly packaging comes in standard shape and size.

They think the packaging can’t be customized in custom size and shape depending upon the requirements of products. These boxes are custom-made according to the needs of the products. Businesses can also use custom inserts and paddings and various add-ons and lamination options.

In short, eco-friendly boxes wholesale supplies are highly best and help the businesses in a bundle of unique ways. These boxes are perfect in all aspects of the product supply chain.

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