5 Crucial Tips That Are Absolutely Essential for a Perfect Cocktail Drink

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Curating cocktails may look like a normal routine that ultimately produces amazing drinks. It takes years of training and experience to prepare the perfect drink that is just perfect for respective clients. From knowing exactly about the ingredients to the choice of a client every aspect has to be taken care of. In a hospitable environment, the ambiance and appeal of a place also make a difference.

 Never underestimate the power of good manners and aesthetics of the place when it comes to pleasing clients. It is an art to attract and retain people for long periods of time. It is no secret that a lot of aspects go into making a bar the most after one. Being able to cater to the needs of all age groups without compromising the quality of the drink is the tagline of all professionals.

Here is a list of factors that can make or break a harmless cocktail drink that could otherwise always please the customer.


Preparing the drink exactly the way a client wants is the golden rule. Never assume any other way of pleasing the client. It is just perfect to get the drink prepared and served in less time which has been specified. Wanting to please the client by ignoring or bypassing their choice is a total wastage of time and effort. It will only irritate the customer and cause further trouble in serving them the drink. The best way to serve the client is to listen to them carefully and serve them the right drink at the right time.


Ice is always welcome in a cocktail drink. What is unwelcome is the unnecessary shaking of clear drinks like a martini. Cocktail classes in Brighton stress the importance of water content in martinis and how it gets majorly affected by shaking the whole drink. Normally a drink of martini contains 15 percent of water but the rigorous shaking converts that small percentage to 30 percent which is not the perfect drink of martini.


Presentation is the key to every kind of appreciation. A cocktail drink should look attractive to its drinker. After all the designer glasses have been made a particular way for a reason. The choice of glassware has a positive effect on the psyche of a customer and gets immensely appreciated. Keep the choice of the glassware simple and classic. They may not necessarily be expensive but good-looking glassware is definitely going to impress the client. Add a dash of complementary objects like flowers or a piece of fruit with the drink to add to the glamour.


A skillful, experienced bartender knows how to balance the ingredients of a drink. No ingredient should be added in a less or more quantity for the sake of experimenting with the taste. A perfect drink is an outcome of using balanced ingredients in the drink.


The one thing that can make or break a drink is the presence of ice. A drink without ice does not taste perfect nor does it look nice. Do not overstuff the drink with too much ice. Just add it in the right amounts.

Every customer at the bar expects a perfect drink that would make them happy and lessen all the stress. Making a drink like that definitely needs a lot of skill, patience, and the knack to completely understand customer requirements. It is always a good idea to follow certain guidelines and tips to keep the customer happy and satisfied. They are right if they say the customer is always right.

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